FARO ZONE 3D 2019 for Public Safety

FARO®, one of the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement and imaging solutions for public safety forensics, has announced the availability of the FARO Zone 3D 2019 software platform. The FARO Zone 3D platform is specifically designed to enable investigators and security professionals to enhance the quality of site and evidence capture, documentation, reconstruction and analysis for crime, crash, fire and security applications.

FARO Zone 3D 2018 was the first VR-enabled software solution for law enforcement and forensics professionals that provides a comprehensive platform for documenting, analyzing, and reconstructing scenes that include powerful forensic analysis, 3D diagramming and animation tools. FARO Zone 3D 2019 substantially builds on the most compelling functionality of its predecessor and offers immersive and dramatic new ways to interact with and present forensic scenes.

Authoritative forensic scene presentations

FARO Zone 3D 2019 integrates advanced functionality that brings forensics presentations to life in the most persuasive and powerful way:

  • Leverage witness view tool to show the exact point of views of a witness or officer at the scene.
  • Include visual time and distance analysis to verify vehicle positions under a variety of scenarios.
  • Include shadows and weather with 3D animations.
  • Hyperlink to display photos and reports.
  • Reconstruct crashes in detail with the event data recorder

(EDR) dashboard that displays and compares the animation to the on-board black box data recorder e.g., steering angle, air bag deployment when brakes are applied etc.

Immersive realism with evolutionary virtual reality

FARO Zone 3D 2019 enables public safety professionals to walk through a forensic scene with an exceptional level of true to life realism. As such, it is ideal for assignments that range from investigations of officer involved in shootings to pre-incident site planning, and forensics training exercises or 3D model scene augmentations and analysis, including bullet trajectories.

Additionally, a series of new tools are now available that enable users to create security plans utilizing 2D and 3D diagrams of buildings and exterior sites, including the ability to show exactly what security cameras can view in 3D.

“FARO Zone 3D 2018 was a major industry milestone that harnessed the power of 3D in a solution specifically developed for crime, crash and fire investigators,” stated Kris Beezley, Vice President, Emerging Verticals and Sales Excellence, “The powerful, visually compelling enhancements in FARO Zone 3D 2019 solidifies FARO’s leadership in forensic reconstruction software through superior diagramming and analysis tools, environmental effects, lighting, hyperlinks and advanced VR.”

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