Hikvision ‘AX-HUB’

The AX-Hub is the latest innovation in intruder alarm systems. Part of the Hikvision AX series is designed for catering residential and small commercial applications. The AX-Hub connects security peripherals such as motion detectors and displacement sensors, alongside safety devices like smoke and gas sensors to keep people safe.

Hikvision cameras and the AX-Hub alarm systems work seamlessly together to instantly provide a recorded video clip or live HD video footage, directly through Hik-Connect, iVMS, or to monitoring stations. This allows active decisions to be made faster and more reliably in the event of an activation.

Simple to install and use, the AX-Hub provides voice prompts locally to assist during installation, as well as alert the end user to any events. It is also compatible with the Hik-Connect smart device app, in addition to a wide range of communication pathways and multiport IP communications via either the Cloud or CMS for added peace of mind.

The Cloud connectivity allows full control of the system from anywhere via Hik-Connect, to easily and remotely arm, disarm and monitor the system. The Cloud also enables the use of revolutionary IVaaS (Intruder Verification as a Service), which allows end users and monitoring stations to quickly and efficiently confirm system events through HD video verification.


  • Wireless intrusion panel with CCTV integration +mobile app.
  • Voice guiding for ease of operations.
  • Ease of programming via web/ app.
  • Two-way wireless communication.
  • 32 wireless inputs, 8 key fobs, 2 wireless sirens.
  • In-built GPRS +SMS +voice dialing facility.
  • Supports two Hikvision IP cameras for video verification.
  • Supports viewing events video via mobile App.
  • Transmission distance 800m in open area.
  • 128 bit data encryption.
  • In-built battery backup up to 12hrs.
  • Hik-Connect Mobile App.
  • 3rd party CMS software compatibility

System architecture

AX-Hub package provides for:

  • Built-in IoT modules.
  • AX-Hub with in-built GPRS module & Lan module.
  • Pet immune motion sensor.
  • Magnetic contact.
  • Key fob – a small security device with built-in authentication used to control and secure access to network services and data.
  • Hik-Connect mobile app +SMS +Auto dialing voice call.
  • Supports web browser for integrating Hikvision IP cameras with AX-Hub. IP cameras to be purchased separately.



  • Web configuration: The AX-Hub has a built-in web server which enables the device to be configured through a web browser over the local IP network. This offers more flexibility and time saving on site, as setup can be done quickly and efficiently using a laptop or compatible smart device.
  • Easy setup and installation: Setting up the system could not be simpler, with an intuitive and easy to use interface. Connect to the panel directly via the web-browser or with iVMS-4200 on a laptop for on-site setup, or alternatively, program the system using the Hik-Connect app. Learning devices and sensors to the system are also easy using the one-push-to-learn feature on all Hikvision wireless intrusion devices, to save time and money.

  • Multiple communication paths: The variety of communication pathways available with the AX-Hub is unmatched. It offers LAN, Wi-Fi, GPRS and 3G/ 4G connections with on-board communication modules and connectors for a simpler and more cost-effective installation. With multiport IP communications, the AX-Hub can also communicate simultaneously with multiple devices, to ensure alarm messages are sent to all that need them. The AX-Hub can also notify up to six phone numbers in the event of an alarm through voice calls, offering greater flexibility in the way that end users are notified about events on the system.
  • Arc linkage: If ARC connectivity is required, the AXHub can communicate alarms and other messages in contact ID format for a rapid and efficient response.
  • Two-way wireless devices: AX-Hub can help add up to 32 two-way wireless devices. This provides a system which is secure and flexible – allowing even larger premises to be secured with a wide range of indoor and outdoor Hikvision peripherals.
  • HIK-Connect: The end user app, Hik-Connect, brings together intrusion and video like never before. It links detectors and sensors to cameras for video verification as well as to provide the end user with the ability to monitor the system from anywhere in the world. It helps users in checking system status remotely, receiving alerts, arming and disarming, HD video monitoring and more, to remain informed and keep the system under complete control at all times.
  • IVAAS (Intruder Verification as a Service): This revolutionary service provides video verification (from any Hikvision or ONVIF IP camera in the premises) for users to quickly and efficiently confirm an alarm event on the system. During the configuration of the panel, 2 cameras can be linked to the AXHub, which incorporates a rolling video buffer. Where other video verification methods rely on sending low-quality static images to confirm events, IVaaS utilises Cloud technology alongside the buffer to link previously separated video and intruder systems to one platform. This provides a 7 second clip in the event of an alarm, 5 seconds pre-alarm and 2 seconds post-alarm.


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