Hikvision Launches New Technology Partner Program Portal

Hikvision has launched the new technology partner program portal (TPP Portal) which is designed to enhance collaboration with technology partners and system integrators, enabling development of new and innovative solutions for customers across all markets, and further drive market growth.

Technology partners can use the marketing capabilities of the portal to grow their businesses, taking full advantage of Hikvision’s global reach. Equally, systems integrators can also use the portal to learn more about Hikvision technology, to build new relationships with Hikvision’s technology partners.

Jens Berthelsen, Global Partner Alliance Manager at Hikvision said, “Hikvision has a long-term strategy of working closely with technology partners and systems integrators to build the best possible offerings for customers. The technology partner program portal will be a driving force in enabling this. The portal will help our technology partners capitalize on their investment in working with Hikvision, and to scale up their businesses in a very cost-effective way. We are very proud of launching our new portal and invite our technology partners to join.”

Key features and benefits

An ever-growing partner platform

The portal will become a comprehensive partner database, and system integrators will be able to use the TPP portal to find the ideal partners for each project. The portal will feature a public listing of all technology partners and their locations, coupled with rich information about their solutions, making it the ideal platform for striking up new business relationships.

Easy engagement with Hikvision integration support

The TPP portal empowers technology partners to engage with the Hikvision integration department in a private and password-protected environment. Key modules within the portal include integration support, marketing events, integration project tracking and solution information management.

Technical and commercial library

The TPP portal is a comprehensive repository of technical documentation for system integration. This includes SDK documentation, software tools and agreements. This area of the portal is only visible to technology partners, and selected sections are visible to individual partners only.

Hikvision Embedded Open Program (HEOP) management

Technology partners that want to embed their technology into Hikvision cameras can manage the process here, including distribution-friendly license management.


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