EZVIZ Wi-Fi Security Kit

A Complete Solution for Home, Store
and Office Premises

E Smart Facial Recognition Solution ZVIZ, a global smart home security brand has introduced the new EZVIZ Wi-Fi security kit. The Wi-Fi security kit is a complete Wi-Fi solution for home, store, and office. It is all one needs to set up a security solution for home, store or office premises. The kit consists of a 8 channel NVR and 4 bullet cameras.

The 8 channel HD Wi-Fi NVR enables multi-split-screen monitoring and simultaneous monitoring of different rooms. Powerful, wall penetrating Wi-Fi allows one NVR to cover the entire home, store or office premises. It has a high storage capacity of up to 6TB. Up to 8 cameras can be connected without wires with the NVR using the network of the NVR. It also contains HDMI ports to connect cameras to a monitor.

Apart from the 8 channel NVR, the kit consists of 4 bullet cameras which can be connected to the NVR without using any wires. The cameras are 1080p IP66 certified which makes them ideal to be used outdoors as well. The IR cameras also have a visibility up to 30m and can be securely connected to the NVRs.

The Wi-Fi kit is a comprehensive wireless solution to secure office, store and home, from both inside as well as outside. The NVR can be connected to internet using a LAN wire to get live access on the mobile too from anywhere.

This new EZVIZ Wi-Fi security kit is the latest offering from EZVIZ smart home product portfolio.


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