Pelco VideoXpert™

Professional VMS for SMB Applications

Offers one-year ‘Control with Confidence’ free software
license trial to users and integrators

Implementing a professional Video Management System (VMS) for small and medium business (SMB) applications is now more convenient and economically practical with the introduction of VideoXpert™ Professional from Pelco by Schneider Electric. VideoXpert Professional is designed with easy plug-and-play installation, complete with IT-friendly Windows and an intuitive interface for ease of operation.

To help catapult the launch, Pelco is offering an exclusive ‘Control with Confidence’ one-year, free software-only demo license to users and integrators for up to four channels.

“VideoXpert Professional is a real game changer. It provides SMB users with the ability to easily control and manage surveillance cameras with advanced features and capabilities and exceptional cost efficiency. And it’s also designed for easy installation, so users can be up and running very quickly,” said Jonathan Farmer, Senior Product Manager, Pelco by Schneider Electric, “We’re so confident that VideoXpert Professional is the VMS solution that SMBs have been waiting for, we are launching it in conjunction with our unique ‘Control with Confidence’ free software-only demo licenses so they can experience it for themselves.”

VideoXpert Professional bridges the gap between mid-market and enterprise-level VMS platforms. With a selection of servers designed to handle up to 100 cameras, it delivers a VMS solution that can be modularly scaled by adding VX Pro servers to meet future system expansion needs.

With all essential functions on a single machine, easy access to actionable information, and pre-defined roles for easy user creation, VideoXpert Professional provides SMBs with extensive VMS capabilities. Featuring Dell hardware, the users will have the added benefit of leveraging Dell support tools and apps. Advanced features include hardware acceleration which allows users to more easily display high MP camera images; H.264 coding over WAN transport; anti-virus support on the ops center client; and simple export procedures that allow quick and easy hand-off of video data to law enforcement agencies.

Another core feature of VideoXpert Professional is its extreme ease of installation, which can take place in well under 20 minutes – from unpacking to implementation – with little to no previous VMS experience required.

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