Geutebruck Integrated Video Content Analysis

Geutebrück is expanding its portfolio with camera-based video content analysis (VCA). VCA reliably detects people, cars, trucks, animals, colors or behavior patterns in moving images – by day or night. Items such as containers, pallets or packages can be accurately identified. The video motion detection in the camera is activated by the customer.

The main features are abandoned object (loitering items), removed object (missing items), counting (item counting), intrusion detection (perimeter security) and a dwell filter (loitering/ evaluation of dwell time). further filters are the speed filter (velocity), enter & exit filter (intrusion and leaving), stopping filter (immobility for too long) and tailgating filter (distance detection). Many of the filters can be logically sequenced together. Tamper detection (detection of tampering) and shake cancellation (image stabilizer) are also included.

With item counting, the VCA camera automatically identifies in a direction-dependent way how many people, vehicles or objects cross over a counting line, which can be positioned anywhere in the image. To safeguard fenced outside areas, the intrusion detection detects any attempts to get through the barriers by means of determined perimeters and provides secure protection for goods which are stored outside and parked vehicles. The dwell filter identifies when people remain for an unusually long time in a defined area, for example outside a factory entrance/ exit or a financial institution.

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  1. Very important and interesting features for a security camera analysis.

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