Uniview Protects Grolleman Coldstore, Advanced Freeze and Packing Company

Grolleman Coldstore is one of the most advanced freeze and packing companies in Europe which provides a complete service for companies who want to package, cool, freeze and store their products. With 2500 employees among 4 locations in the Netherlands and 1 in Germany and doing transport with their own transport company, Grolleman Coldstore is the number one in the Benelux market.

Grolleman Coldstore used analog system with 600 TVL but currently the company has new requirements to have high quality, high resolution video surveillance system which can help monitor the production process, employees and cargos.


Uniview provided 2MP 30x IR network PTZ dome camera, 2MP fixed dome, 2MP minifixed bullet and 2 SATA NVR, and covered all over the company floor, outside of the factory and employee entrances.


Storing, activating and working on extreme low temperature

Uniview IP cameras are capable to work, store and cold start under extreme low temperature. The cameras are embedded with high efficiency heater which enables it to work up to -40°C.

Smart solution applied on production process control

The company had the requirement to have a complete overview of the factory so they could monitor their actions and the damages they cause. Hence it is very important that the camera’s image is very clear in every situation, so they can identify people and process flow and cargos.


Uniview’s camera and NVR feature long range PoE function which help install products conveniently. In this project, cameras are installed separately inside and outside of the company building. Nearly 1.7km cables are used for this project.

In order to easily manage the overall status, Uniview NVR provides statistical form of people counting which is illustrated by time period. It visualizes the smart function which enables users to discover and manage problems easily.

Cloud surveillance

Uniview NVRs support P2P cloud whereby users can watch live view or recording with smart phone conveniently at anytime, anywhere. Customers of Grolleman Coldstore use Uniview cloud service to watch the process of packaging, cooling, freezing and storing their products with their smart phones. Security manager Harry Grolleman of Grolleman Coldstore said, “With Uniview system, we can give quick response in case of accidents, emergencies or problems. We are very happy with the perfectly clear images of the chosen cameras. We are also using the mobile app for demonstrating to new customers. We are pleased with the professional and convenient products.”

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