The Proxim Advantage Video Security via Wireless

Wide operating temperature range

Security is not just a concern in temperate climates. The Middle East with day time temperatures reaching 50°C, and other areas such as Russia or Canada going as low as -40 degrees C, the wireless network has to be able to survive these brutal temperature ranges. Tsunami® products are rated for -40 to +60 degrees C operation. For those environments that are more temperate there are version of Tsunami® that support -30 to 55°C temperature ranges.

Beyond these core, fundamental requirements for any wireless network carrying mission critical video traffic Proxim offers additional support.

Small form factor

Video camera deployments are meant in most cases to be unobtrusive, able to blend into existing surroundings. The Tsunami® 800 series of products offer a unit that is only 4.96×8.62×2.58 in (126×219 x 65.5 mm) in dimensions, and includes an integrated antenna to limit the overall subscriber unit profile.

PoE out

Given that for every subscriber unit there will be a camera attached, Proxim offers a second PoE port on the subscriber units that can deliver up to 25 watts of power to third party devices such as video cameras. This feature means deploying the camera does not require additional cable runs, the camera is plugged into the Tsunami® unit for both power and connectivity.

Wireless video case studies

Proxim has been delivering to customers high end, carrier class Tsunami® systems for many years. Video security has always been a major application for the Tsunami® line given how it meets and exceeds the demanding feature a specification set required by the video security application. A select group of typical deployments are described here.

Dubai Investment Park

Spread over 2300 hectares, Dubai Investments Park required a high-speed, cost-effective network to enable video security for intrusion detection and monitoring purposes. Over 40HD closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, 6 fixed ALPR cameras and automatic license plate recognition were deployed. The Proxim Tsunami® MP-8200 solution was installed across the residential zone of the park aggregating live feeds to a central monitoring station.

The result: The video surveillance network covers over 25% of the entire park area and required 15 days to perform the whole installation.

Allentown PA

As part of the city’s re-vitalization project, Allentown, PA – USA deployed security cameras to capture license plates at significant distances at night as well as monitor critical locations around the clock. The video solution they chose used high definition PTZ cameras requiring 4Mbps of continuous bandwidth per camera. The local integrator, Communication Systems Inc (CSi), installed more than 300 Sony cameras, 175 of which are connected using wireless. Tsunami® was used as the wireless network component for Allentown.

The result: The citywide surveillance network helped reduce crime by 20%.

Statue of Liberty

When Hurricane Sandy hit the greater Metro New York area, one of the areas hardest hit was the island in the middle of the harbor with the Statue of Liberty. As part of the renovation following the devastation, the Statue surveillance and security system needed to migrate from analog CCTV to the latest in digital video technology. The Park decided to deploy 160 IP cameras with HD resolution. The cameras had the ability to operate in extreme low light, with an undistorted 200 degree FOV and operated at 6 megapixel resolution.

The result: The entire park/ island is now covered with HD video surveillance using Proxim Tsunami® radios as the network backbone.

Tenerife Spain tram

In Tenerife Spain they have a tram used for local mass transportation. The requirement was to provide complete CCTV coverage at speeds up to 100Km/h along 80Km of winding track which goes through the city and through tunnels. Proxim Tsunami® BSUs were deployed along the track in the proper locations and multiple SU’s were deployed in each train to backhaul each camera and provide 4Mbps of continuous connectivity.

The result: The Tenerife Tram surveillance solution team was able to effortlessly and quickly deploy the surveillance cameras on board the moving trams and backhaul the video traffic using Proxim’s wireless mobility solution. The resultant network cost-effectively delivered connectivity along the track and within the tram, with the entire network being managed with Proxim’s ProximVision Advanced system.



Video security is increasingly becoming a fact of life. Places like downtown London have 100% coverage and many cities such as New York are moving in that direction. It is clear that to protect and monitor public domains such as sidewalks, parks, transportation systems, and the like, a wireless network will be part of the solution. Of critical import in selecting the mission-critical wireless network system, are the abilities of the system to survive the harsh environment both physical and radio frequency, provide guaranteed QoS via WORP® over a secured connection, and be able to deliver high bandwidth connectivity not just to light poles but on moving platforms as well. Proxim’s FastConnect™ is the best and possibly the only cost effective QoS assured mobility solution available. For a mission critical applications such as video security, when performance matters Proxim delivers.

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