Transcending the Norm in Cash-in-Transit

The cash-in-transit industry has been constantly evolving their systems and security strategies to efficiently transport and protect valuables

In a world of constantly evolving economy, robbery, theft and other property crimes are also rapidly increasing. The need for businesses and organizations to outsource their banking transactions and have professional couriers handle their cash logistics becomes a necessity. While it’s true that cash management can be expensive, it also entails managing risks for both the couriers and the clients.

For some cash-in-transit (CIT) companies, the use of uniformed and armed CIT professionals is deemed necessary. Others even utilize armoured trucks or armoured transport services. These vehicles are mostly bulletproof and are fashioned to transport extremely large quantities of money, ATM replenishment, and transport dignitaries or VIPs.

However, not all cash-in-transit companies employ uniformed couriers and armoured vehicles.

Why are covert operations better?

Since the main obligation of any cash-in-transit company is to collect and deliver cash or a client’s valuables to the bank or any designated point, some companies find the use of armoured vehicle services essential for the business.

But how safe is their hard-earned money in the hands of these couriers?

According to a publication from the Australian Institute of Criminology, a total of 89 robbery incidents were recorded by Australian CIT companies over a 20-year period (1989-2008); specifically, there were 18 incidents in 2007 and 11 incidents in 2008.

In the book entitled Encyclopedia of Victimology and Crime Prevention by Bonnie S. Fisher and Steven P. Lab, it was mentioned that even though most robbers target banks or any financial institutions, others still prefer robbing cash-in-transit vehicles. The robbers depict two main methods in committing the crime: (1) stopping and then attacking the CIT vehicle or (2) robbing the driver and couriers during delivery or after cash collection.

As the leading cash-in-transit company in Australia, SecureCash focuses on covert operations. While using armoured trucks may be the norm in the security service industry, SecureCash has always operated in unmarked, soft-skinned vehicles and have never utilized armoured transports as part of its CIT fleet. From a security standpoint, a covert operation is a safe and risk-free approach to delivering an efficient cash-in-transit service.

It eliminates risks

During the transfer of cash or other valuables, the business becomes exposed and vulnerable to risks such as robberies. Try to imagine a big armoured vehicle or an armoured truck pulling up outside the office or home. This will certainly catch the eyes of criminals, from would-be thieves to organized crime syndicates. These criminals may decide not to rob the armoured truck or attack the couriers, but rather choose to plot a robbery right at the business location or home.

By not using armoured vehicles, it will not only keep the couriers and drivers away from possible threats, but it will also ensure that the valuables and the client’s business stay safe. Aside from discouraging the use of armoured vehicle services, the bank couriers do not wear security uniforms or any marked, printed, easy-to-spot clothing. This is to avoid drawing too much public attention during the cash handling process.

It enhances security

SecureCash couriers are trained to master the art of blending into the crowd. In this way, they will be much harder to spot by anyone who’s plotting a robbery or theft. Since they are not easily recognised, their cash transfer patterns are unpredictable and more difficult to analyze.

Likewise, an armed security guard or uniformed personnel coming in and out of the office, collecting and carrying an obvious bag of cash indicates a green signal for those prying criminal minds who are just waiting for the right opportunity. It’s the same as advertising to the public that a person has huge amounts of cash on-site to warrant the service of cash couriers. This is what Secure Cash has been trying to prevent, so clients will remain dedicated and keep the trust that they have given to the company for the last 25 years.

Bethaney Bacchus, General Manager of SecureCash, shared that specializing in covert cash handling operations has provided many growth-oriented opportunities for the company and helped build quite a reputation among clients and partners nationwide. She added, “We save time for busy people by performing the banking duties, we offer a secure service by taking the risk away from people who are fearful to carry cash in public, we offer convenient service for people who suddenly find their bank branch has closed.”

Managing cash and other valuables may be an expensive and risky venture, however, implementing tried and tested innovative solutions prove to be the key to a successful business operation. With the emergence of many security service providers in Australia, the effectiveness of one’s services provides the business with an extensive competitive advantage. To be a market leader in the industry, one must be the person who goes beyond the norm.


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