Sudhir Tiku Speaks

Sudhir Tiku
Vice President – Sales, Asia Pacific
Bosch Security & Safety Systems

SecurityLink India (SLI): At the outset, kindly accept our congratulation on your promotion. Kindly brief the journey so far!

Sudhir Tiku: I joined Bosch Limited in the year of 2012 as the Head of Bosch Security and Safety Systems, India. In 2015, India was also assigned with the operations for SAARC countries and then, I began overseeing the strategy, growth and operations for South Asia region until January 2020.

I have taken up the responsibility of the Head of Sales for Asia Pacific region after that – since February 2020. This region is one of the fastest growing regions of the world and it is always exciting to be part of such a dynamic region with plethora of opportunities and challenges.

SLI: Our last one to one interaction was during the Beyond Mobility 2.0 in 2018. How has Bosch Security Division (BSD) done during this period?

Sudhir Tiku: The Indian security and communications market has consistently been growing for the last many years, and will continue to grow. This, along with our innovative products and solutions, has enabled us to constantly keep growing, and allowed us to penetrate new areas of the market, execute our vertical strategy and deploy multiple ‘Made in India’ products.

SLI: What is your market share today and how do you plan to increase it in the coming days?

Sudhir Tiku: Supported by the industry market growth and our introductions of innovative products and solutions, it has enabled us to grow consistently in verticals of Industry, Transport, Government and Commercial. We will continue to maintain our vertical focus approach for the Asia Pacific region as a whole, and continue our focus on business insights with push in video and fire consolidation in key countries.

You will notice that our approach to market is three-dimensional in nature. We focus on people, products and solutions; and then on market verticals. Looking from that perspective, we typically want to get into a vertical where we can sell end-to-end seamless solutions, and not just products.

SLI: Which is the best-selling vertical for you and why?

Sudhir Tiku: Industry, Transport, Commercial and Government verticals are the main focus for us. However, currently with the rise in need for efficient, convenient and faster means of transport, and further driven by urbanization – transport vertical has seen promising potential for the past few years and will continue to do so especially for India. Added to this, we at Bosch Security and Safety Systems have a plethora of products and integrated solutions to offer to this all important and growing vertical of transport.

SLI: Kindly share in brief about your contribution in transportation sectors?

Sudhir Tiku: When we scanned the market to understand the trend and trails, we found that Transport segment is one critical vertical where customers wanted companies like Bosch to enter the space and offer a wider platter of solutions. Because this is the one area where millions of people use diverse transports services on daily basis. Just for instance, if you look at the Delhi Metro, around seven lakh people are found to be using the Metro service on a daily basis and this will only grow. In a country like ours where the commuter numbers range in dozens of millions, the vertical offers tremendous scope for companies like Bosch to develop products and solutions for diverse levels of application. So, when the numbers are so large, it is important that stakeholders like us, step up and develop solutions to ensure safety and security of people who use public transport services daily. I think that is one area where we can come in as an expert and provide security solutions based on IP, analytics and/ or integrated services based on the requirement. We are happy to share that we have had some good successes in this vertical.

When we say transport, we mean urban metros and generic train services as well as port services. We are also there in water ways in a small way, but we intend to get into the space shortly with more strength. As of now, specifically said, we are focused on air ports and metro rails, and railways in general.

SLI: How do you see the trend in security business – particularly in India?

Sudhir Tiku: Indian industry is not comparable to that in other countries. Arguably, security has never been an important subject for most Indians. In general, we do not take it too seriously, for the simple fact that most believe in ‘destiny.’ This is one reason why we have invested in our Experience Center in Bengaluru to showcase the importance of security, and our solutions to address various kinds of security issues.

With a view to further value-add our efforts to increase the security awareness, we have been providing free-of-cost training to our partners, customers, contractors on the issues of safety and security. Having said all that, I believe there are still some niche areas where the security should have been an integral part, but it is not. Our efforts are however on. In general the growth in the security domain is on the rise and cuts across verticals like – Industry, Transport, Commercial, Government, Hospitality etc.

SLI: What are the existing security challenges you see across verticals?

Sudhir Tiku: There are numerous security challenges that exist across verticals, few of them are as follows –

  • Possible terrorist attacks and vandalism.
  • Early detection and handling of fires and explosions.
  • Detection of intruders and unauthorized personnel.
  • Management of access privileges.
  • Dealing with weather conditions and extreme environments.

These assets and systems have one thing in common – gaps in their security or safety can seriously threaten public health, the environment, the economy, or even national or global security. In the case of hazardous, extreme, and toxic environments, it is particularly essential to comply with extremely strict security, safety and communication standards.

Since, ensuring human safety and preventing environmental disasters have absolute priority, the only responsible choice is to take advantage of the best available state-of-the-art, reliable technologies.

SLI: What are your plans to surmount these challenges, compete the trend, and accelerate in the days to come?

Sudhir Tiku: Any of the key verticals calls for extremely strict security, safety and communication standards. We have products and solutions to support all these diverse aspects and constantly churn out integrated solutions consisting of high definition cameras, analytics, robust fire alarm, access control systems, and building integration software that will add value to the operational experiences of our customers.

The video management system from Bosch enables complete management of all video surveillance components. High-resolution CCTV cameras (also for harsh conditions) can continuously monitor people moving through and spending time in different areas.

Our fire panels automatically notify on-site firefighters or the local fire department, in addition to interfacing with sprinkler, ventilation, and Bosch public address systems as well as the building integration system (BIS) from Bosch to coordinate the evacuation of people.

Bosch access control systems guarantee reliable access management both inside and outside and permit easy integration of third-party equipment.

Going forward with our Make-in-India initiative, to expand the product portfolio that we can manufacture in India, we continue to spend time and efforts on the data analytics initiatives; innovate further our solutions to increase our market share even as we maintain our powerful legacy so that we continue to deliver the ‘return on investment’ (RoI) to our customers.

SLI: Kindly give a brief about Bosch’s recently introduced, as well as upcoming products and solutions.

Sudhir Tiku: Each sector calls for extremely strict security, safety and communication standards. We have products and solutions to support all these diverse aspects and constantly churn out integrated solutions consisting of high definition cameras, analytics, robust fire alarm, access control systems and building integration software that will add value to the operational experiences of our customers. At this point in time we would like to mention three of our key products cutting across Security, Safety and Communication portfolios.

PRAESENSA Public Address and Voice Alarm System: IP-connected and fully-featured

I ntroducing PRAESENSA, the new standard in public address and voice alarm (PAVA) systems from Bosch. The system provides high-quality audio for music or messaging to every area in your building and is controlled via the intuitive graphical user interface on the call station touchscreen, or via personalized software running on a tablet or PC. Easy to install and highly cost-efficient, this advanced public address and voice alarm system brings peace of mind to a new level.

Fully IP-based and fully-featured, this is a stateof-the-art public address and voice alarm system. Installation and integration are straightforward, and it delivers great audio quality with an easy-touse interface. PRAESENSA uses IP-connectivity and a smart power concept with integrated redundancies to give you an extremely cost-efficient system, equally suited to either centralized or decentralized topologies.

AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 series: Video based firedetection – See it before it spreads!

One of the most devastating characteristics of a fire is its ability to spread. That’s why fast, reliable detection is paramount. While smoke detectors remain a vital component in nearly all scenarios, certain environments can benefit from additional protection. Where high ceilings are present, detecting a fire before it reaches a distant smoke detector can save valuable reaction time. Just as important is the ability to correctly distinguish fire and smoke from other disturbances that trigger false alarms – and lead to financial ramifications. AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 is the perfect answer for facilities used for industry, transportation, warehousing and utilities such as energy to minimize detection time with low false alarm rates. Improving the rescue chain through fast detection and situational awareness protects lives and minimizes damage.

Evolve 30 M: Portable column speaker System

EVOLVE 30M is equipped with the most complete feature set in its class, including an eight-channel digital mixer, studio-quality onboard effects, and remote control of all audio, effects and mix functions via the next-generation Electro-Voice QuickSmart mobile application

SLI: Kindly also give a brief about some of your recently completed projects, as well as upcoming ones.

Sudhir Tiku: At Bosch we will continue to churn out integrated solutions consisting of high definition cameras, analytics, IP conferencing systems, professional sound systems, robust fire alarm, access control systems and building integration software that will add value to the operational experiences of our customers. We are happy to state that these solutions find their place in various projects cutting across verticals like Transportation, Industry, Government, Commercial, Entertainment and Hospitality.

SLI: Technologies like artificial intelligence, face recognition, machine learning and IoT are rapidly making the trend including in security and surveillance. Kindly substantiate generally, and in relation to Bosch products.

Sudhir Tiku: Data drives everything and is the fuel to a strong economy. Most data are private to each organization and not to mention the private data of the individuals. With 28% of the population connected to the internet and almost the entirety of Interview SecurityLink India | March 2020 | 63 the economy having a backbone in data centers, the safety of information is crucial today. When we are looking towards digital India and smart cities, we cannot ignore certain facts pertaining to the state of digital/ cyber security. In the period from 2016 to 2018, with respect to cyber-attacks, India stands second most affected. This is according to a report by the Data Security Council of India (DSCI).

Being connected has never been more important and never been this risky. This has become the major challenge for technology companies in security to ensure holistic solutions. On the bright side, there are many developments in technology, especially in the field of IoT (Internet of Things), sensors, videos and imagery, which boost security. Machines are the most important tools to create solutions for largescale security challenges. For example, a good video surveillance system, shouldn’t be limited to just recording and storage capabilities, or be highly dependent on human intervention. When a video system is supported by an algorithm that enables it to detect a crisis or a situation on its own and respond to it by necessary pre-built actions, we are talking about an advanced independent security system. Same goes to a software security program that is built on to a strong analytical base. Detection, analysis, reporting and acting can resolve all major potential breaches.

Of course, we cannot ignore the importance of the people who build secure systems. Every business, government or an individual should employ proven technologies set up through expertise. Monitoring functions would fail without the right people developing those functions. Security is a niche industry and requires a special inclination towards its core factors. Factors which include surveillance, reporting, analytics, management and the technical tools developed for them.

SLI: Per various data and news reports – the crime rate of the country is not remarkably checked, rather increasing even though there is increase in deployments of security equipment across the country. Which factors do you think are attributable to it?

Sudhir Tiku: Am not in a position to comment on this, however, I can strongly add that the players in the eco-system have an important role to play, be it in creating awareness or contributing by means of technology prowess, and further by providing products/ solutions that can make a difference for the general safety and security of people and premises.

SLI: How do you see the approach of clients in India – private as well as government – towards prioritizing quality and maintenance of the security systems?

Sudhir Tiku: India is a fast-paced country, one that has a major role in the global economy. For that very reason, security is a major industry that will see a lot of investment and growth. It is inevitable to see advancements in technology-driven security initiatives in public spaces, beyond just human-monitored video surveillance. Organizations will see better access control system to their data centers, and the data shared and processed on the private networks will see enhanced protection to prevent leakage and breaches. Overall, India’s commitment to securing its people and its systems will shine bright on the global market.

SLI: The current government has taken bold decisions on issues such as demonetization, GST, digital India, abrogation of Article 370 and likes, which often face criticism as well. What is your take on them in relation to the business environment in India as on date and in future?

Sudhir Tiku: Am of the opinion that any Government the world over should take all necessary measures that it may deem fit to safeguard the security and interests of its people. As responsible industry players our duty would be to address the requirements of the market with suitable technology solutions and ensure the corresponding awareness levels are created. Going forward with our Make-inIndia initiative, to expand the product portfolio that we can manufacture here; continue to spend time and effort on the data analytics initiatives; innovate further our solutions to increase our market share even as we maintain our powerful legacy so that we continue to deliver the return on investment to our customers.

SLI: SecurityLink India is calling for an awareness campaign for stakeholders for ‘Security First – Business of Security Foremost!’ What are your suggestions, and how would you support it?

Sudhir Tiku: Interestingly, I actually begin to like this catchy phrase. For me both topics are inseparable and complement each other. The media community is an integral and important part of the eco-system and we appreciate the efforts the community in general and your publication in particular is doing for the security and safety industry. Am sure, all of our joint efforts will go a long way in making our place a more livable one.


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