Tech-Knowledge Talk Series

Webcam Product Introduction and Training Conducted

Hikvision India has introduced a product introduction and training series called ‘Tech-Knowledge Talk’ on PRAMA India App platform. The recently concluded introductory part of ‘Tech-Knowledge Talk’ was focused on newly launched Hikvision Webcam product introduction and training. This event got very good response from the regional distributor (RDs) and sub regional distributors (SRDs) from the Gujarat region.

This was the premiere of Hikvision’s ‘Tech-Knowledge Talk’ LIVE session series. In this live session, Hikvision’s product experts discussed about the latest range of Hikvision Webcam. They presented the market potential of webcam, features and applications of Hikvision Webcam range. This session was for Gujarat’s SRDs and RDs. It was an insightful and engaging session where viewers participated in the live quiz competition and won prizes as well.

“We are happy to premiere the Hikvision’s ‘Tech-Knowledge Talk’ LIVE online session series. These online sessions are helpful to evangelize new products and technologies, they develop the product knowledge and technology awareness among regional distributor (RD) and sub regional distributors (SRDs) community. We hope these sessions are helpful to enhance the skills and knowhow of installers, system integrators and security professionals,” said Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd.

Tech-Knowledge Talk Series Part 01

“To provide immersive video conferencing and streaming experiences, users need webcams that deliver high-resolution imaging and excellent-quality sound in a range of scenarios. Hikvision has designed and developed its new webcam range to meet this need. It is applicable in remote education, video conferencing and live broadcasting scenarios,” said Bhavin Chauhan, Assistant Vice President (AVP) Sales- IT Products, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd.

He further added, “The Hikvision value series have a compact design, making them perfect for online education applications that connect school teachers and students. The webcam comes with a built-in microphone, which incorporates advanced algorithms to reduce noise and improve sound quality. Its wide-angle lens provides maximum coverage, with no image distortion. This is particularly useful for teachers giving lessons in a classroom, where both the teacher and the blackboard, or wall-mounted screen, can be viewed clearly in a single frame.”

“Hikvision webcams are driver-free, offering ‘plug and-play’ installation via a standard USB interface. This allows users to begin conferencing or streaming in seconds. Hikvision webcams can also be flexibly mounted on users’ equipment, on tables, laptops, monitors, or tripods. Importantly, Hikvision webcams are equipped with a dedicated PC-based client software, called HIKIN. Users can use this software for video previews, and to configure image and sound parameters,” said Vinit Narvekar, Manager- Customer Trainings, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd.

The product introduction and training series ‘Tech-Knowledge Talk’ on PRAMA India App platform was jointly conducted by Bhavin Chauhan, and Vinit Narvekar. The next session of ‘Tech-Knowledge Talk’ on PRAMA India App platform will be announced shortly.


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