Case Study

Hikvision’s Classroom Hub Solution Offers Convergence of Real, Digital and Virtual Classrooms


The movement toward informatization in education is continually being pursued. Also, students growing up in a technological world are eager for more immersive learning experiences and better education resources. Hikvision’s Classroom Hub stands at the forefront of this movement, extending real classrooms to digital, virtual classrooms, bridging all kinds of gaps between teaching and learning. This solution overcomes a variety of challenges by offering digital teaching, remote learning, and multi-classroom instruction. The Classroom Hub Solution empowers all educational staff to enjoy more connectivity, engagement, and learning breakthroughs using our smart teaching assistant, easy-to-use software, and collaboration of multiple applications.

In-class applications


In conventional classrooms, teaching tools offer limited formats for writing, illustration, and other resources, which also makes learning very challenging for the students sitting in the back row or students with other learning difficulties. Moreover, classroom-bound teachers need a whole host of tools to create lessons, including chalk, markers, a projector, chalkboard or whiteboard, pointer, and so on. ‘Teaching’ and ‘efficiency’ do not commonly go together.


Hikvision’s Interactive Flat Panel presents a new kind of intelligent teaching assistant. It integrates the latest technologies in touch controls, high-definition display, video processing, network communications, interactivity, and audio features, with abundant third-party teaching resources available as well. Teachers can intuitively create digital instruction to boost the learning environment and experience, enjoying more interactivity with students.



  1. Easy wireless projection from a smartphone, iPad, PC or Mac, sharing multimedia teaching materials across multiple teaching formats
  2. With flexible white board software, users will enjoy more powerful visual experiences than with a traditional blackboard.
  3. Equipped with world-class, cutting-edge panel technologies, a great display, flexible visual aids, and better eye protection can be guaranteed.
  4. Educators can explore more possibilities with the openness to third-party applications from Window or Android.


  1. 150 mesh, ultra-fine sandblasting frame for an extraordinary user experience.
  2. Filters out >90% ultrashort-wave blue light to protect eyes.
  3. Supports up to 4 terminals projecting simultaneously via window splicing.
  4. Up to 20-point IR touch sensitivity so several people can use the panel display at the same time.



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