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viisights Proactive Behavioral Recognition Video Analytics Enhance Safety at Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

viisights, Inc., a global company in behavioral recognition video analytics, offers proven solutions that deliver real-time video intelligence for myriad occupational and environmental safety applications for industrial and manufacturing facilities. Designed for fast and cost-efficient deployment, viisights behavioral recognition video analytics leverage investments in existing video systems to autonomously detect and issue real-time alerts on unsafe conditions so they can be addressed before they cause injuries or losses.


viisights offerings include personal and environmental safety solutions such as PPE detection, person falling or laying on the ground, vehicle/ person in hazardous areas, a person close to a moving vehicle, blocked aisles, misplaced equipment, behavioral workflows, and more.

“Manufacturing and industrial facilities inherently pose risks for workers and visitors, so they have unique safety and security requirements,” said Asaf Birenzvieg, CEO, viisights, “viisights delivers highly effective pre-emptive solutions that can help improve safety, security and environmental conditions, while delivering a high RoI whether using existing or newly installed video systems.”

viisights’ unique video understanding technology utilizes deep neural networks to analyze video streams from existing video camera systems to automatically detect developing safety, environmental and security risks, and issue real-time alarms to authorized personnel to take remedial action.


The early notification of impending and real-time events of interest enables responders to take faster action, effectively reducing or eliminating negative outcomes from potentially threatening or harmful events.

viisights intelligent behavioral recognition video understanding technology is currently deployed in critical applications around the world, helping create safer and more secure workplaces.

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