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SoSecure by ADT Helps Drivers Stay Connected in Winter weather

ADT’s SoSecure app has tools to help keep you safe and connected during challenging winter driving conditions.

Seventy percent of America’s roads are in regions that experience 5 or more inches of snow each year, according to the Federal Highway Administration and no state is immune from threats of wild winter weather. ADT wants to ensure everyone is safe and connected during challenging winter driving conditions.

ADT’s SoSecure app allows you to check in on friends and family during their journeys, or while on the road yourself, by setting up a private group to monitor each other’s locations.


Another feature in the SoSecure app, TrackMe, can help you feel more secure while driving. It allows you to set a timer for a specific period – like the time it should take to travel to a destination. If the timer expires, ADT will try to contact you. If they can’t reach you, they will alert 911 and your emergency contacts.

SoSecure’s basic features are free and help provide peace of mind during winter travel.

Everyone in your group can use the Spots feature in the app, which can notify group members when drivers arrive at or leave a set destination.


SoSecure helps provide peace of mind, but no matter how much caution you take, there’s still a chance of ending up in a winter accident. If that happens, SoSecure can help.

The app has a Crash Detection feature that, if triggered, will cause an ADT agent to reach out with a phone call or text to ensure you are OK. The ADT agent will also send emergency responders critical information, including your last reported location and accident severity, including G-force and speed.

Businesses that want to protect their employees while they’re on the road can find added safety and connection with the recently released SoSecure PRO.

SoSecure provides 24/7 connection to ADT monitoring agents from almost anywhere for drivers, and because ADT believes everyone deserves to feel safe, the basic features for SoSecure – including SOS Call or Chat and Location Sharing – are free to use.

SoSecure has won five awards for its innovative approach to on-the-go security, and is available for both iOS and Android devices, making it easy for cross-platform families and friends to stay connected and protected within a single app.



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