Case Study

Rosslare’s Access Control Solution is Empowering Agustiniana University


The university complex consists of two distinctive campuses: the Tagaste campus, which includes 3 buildings with three-story each, and the Hipona campus, which includes 1 building with four-story each. Over 7,000 people populate the campuses daily, creating heavy peakhour traffic and security-related challenges. Agustiniana University partnered with RCM, Rosslare’s official Colombian partner, to manage access control and secure their premises seamlessly. Together, they built a security policy allowing over 7,000 staff and students to enter the campus daily.

The university required a system to monitor and control access to classrooms, laboratories, and restricted areas. Additionally, they wanted to limit access to authorized staff only at sites containing valuable equipment and sensitive information. Finally, they needed a vandal-proof system to handle complex daily operations.

With their extensive background in access control, RCM and Rosslare proposed AxTraxNG™, a real-time management solution for institutions on several campuses. Using AY-K25 and DR-6255 readers with 40 advanced networked controllers, Rosslare installed AxTraxNG™ access management software, controlling close to 200 doors in an organized way that monitors the entry and access of staff and students in detail. The system allows the division of cardholders according to their standing, with administrative staff limited to office buildings and teachers and students to their classrooms, laboratories, and recreational facilities.


In conclusion, Rosslare provided Agustiniana University with a durable and vandal-proof system that efficiently manages detailed access control and reports on daily uses for staff and students, integrating security into the university premises.

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