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‘Safety Map’ Campaign for the Third Consecutive Year, Embarking on a Sustainable Path Beyond the Security Field


VIVOTEK, the global leading IP surveillance solution provider, has been leveraging its surveillance expertise for three consecutive years, actively participating in social initiatives. This year, VIVOTEK ventured into school campuses for the first time, initiating the corporate sustainability event titled ‘Crafting a Safety Map for the Well-being of the students at Shuangxi Elementary School in Taipei. VIVOTEK continues to actively engage in social welfare through its unique model of social participation, gradually venturing onto an exclusive path of sustainability.

This year, VIVOTEK’s volunteering team entered Shuangxi Elementary School in Taipei, which boasts abundant natural resources within its campus. The school buildings are constructed along the mountainside, featuring a sloping terrain with staircases throughout. The spokesperson and Global Marketing Director of VIVOTEK, Allen Hsieh, expressed, ‘This year we designed safety knowledge challenge activities for Shuangxi Elementary School in a gamified manner, aiming to provide multifaceted educational insights, enhancing students’ safety awareness, increasing self-protection vigilance, and reducing the risk of injury. After discussions with the school regarding potential accidents on campus, the VIVOTEK volunteering team designed engaging safety-themed activities tailored for lower-grade students. Acting as game masters, the team utilized gamification to teach the correct and safe handling of heavy objects, enabling immediate protective measures in case of an unexpected incident.


In addition to safety knowledge challenge activities, VIVOTEK’s volunteering team conducted a design thinking workshop. Through on-site observations and interviews with students about their daily lives, the team identified areas of safety concern within the school grounds. From various functions, including the product, research and development, and marketing departments, the volunteering team leveraged their interdisciplinary expertise. They proposed creative and practical solutions, utilized on-site materials for prototyping, and designed a variety of interactive devices. These not only maintain the unique characteristics of Shuangxi Elementary School but also protect students in different ways. VIVOTEK’s President, Alex Liao, remarked, ‘In this sustainability event, our colleagues not only showcased their security expertise but also demonstrated empathy, working to create a safe campus environment for Shuangxi Elementary School. This initiative not only contributes to society but also allows us to gain insights from our actions, ensuring our surveillance services align closely with user needs while safeguarding everyone’s safety.’

Principal Liao Dajiong of Shuangxi Elementary School said, ‘Shuangxi Elementary School has a unique campus environment, and we place great emphasis on student safety. We are very grateful to VIVOTEK for donating network cameras to enhance campus security equipment. They not only personally came to the school to organize activities, increasing students’ safety knowledge but also proposed various campus safety optimization suggestions. We deeply feel the company’s commitment to safeguarding students, and we sincerely thank VIVOTEK.

VIVOTEK embodies its brand spirit, starting with ‘care.’ Every year, it consistently organizes the ‘Safety Map’ sustainability events, In the first year, we entered local communities to ensure neighborhood safety. In the second year, VIVOTEK provided solutions for potential hazards at an education and nursing institution. Entering Shuangxi Elementary School for the third consecutive year, enhancing students’ safety awareness, and creating a safer learning environment. VIVOTEK is committed to creating a secure living environment. Combining expertise in surveillance industry, we have consistently provided proposals for the optimization of society and the environment over the past three years. We aim to construct an environment characterized by safety, resilience, and sustainability, contributing to the creation of a secure living space.

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