Why It Pays to Be Single Minded

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3xLOGIC has developed a comprehensive ecosystem of integrated security and access control products that perfectly complement each other and, in turn, provide greater value. Richard Joslin, Senior Director of Global Sales for 3xLOGIC, explains why it makes sense to use one supplier that can meet all requirements.

As a leading provider of intelligent security technology, 3xLOGIC’s product ecosystem simplifies the lives of customers and adds value to any deployment. Our video surveillance and access control systems provide an entire endto-end security and business solution that can be tailored to each customer’s needs through a single point of contact.

Beyond security

The word ecosystem perfectly encapsulates 3xLOGIC’s longstanding approach. It drives us to develop products that can be easily integrated, scaled, and are fully tested prior to being installed – making the process of system design and specification simpler and more reliable.

An ecosystem is all about interconnection and at the heart of 3xLOGIC’s offering is the VIGIL Video Management System (VMS). This centralised software platform allows the monitoring of 3xLOGIC’s VIGIL range including National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) compliant cameras, network video recorders (NVRs), software, advanced imaging devices with artificial intelligence (AI) based capabilities, recording appliances, mobile apps, accessories, and mounts.

Life changing

Data has changed our lives, the way we communicate and the way we interact – the more data you have the better informed you are and the more meaningful business decisions you can make. New data is becoming available every day, making it easier for business leaders to optimise their operations, find efficiencies, protect their buildings and assets, and solve problems.

3xLOGIC has developed a range of on-premise and mobile solutions that can maximise the effectiveness of data and offer value beyond protection. These include VIGIL Client, which offers remote and/ or local live and playback viewing of all video and data collected by a VIGIL Server. Meanwhile, VIGIL Central Management provides information such as which cameras are online, NVR recording status, disk usage, server connectivity, storage resiliency, redundancy and alerts, while VIGIL Smart Search functionality enables individuals to quickly identify and review events.

Perfect harmony

Integrating access control and surveillance technology makes both elements more effective. Viewing them through the VIGIL VMS and reporting interface and monitoring and analysing data through its software, allows users to view real time events and associated playback video, as well as run reports on events and alarms.

Using access control and surveillance technology from the same manufacturer also eliminates disruption and finger pointing between two different system providers if things go wrong. It can also increase safety, for example, if a student loses their access card and can’t get into their accommodation after a night out, an operative can identify the individual quickly, verify them, and let them into the building.

Track and trace

3xLOGIC’s innovations deliver transformational business value by mining data and converting it into actionable insights – enabling greater visibility and fresh perspectives. Organisations need to focus their attention on high value application specific data that can lead to positive changes. As such, they are increasingly looking for ways to optimise the use of available data through solutions that provide actionable business intelligence that can be used to increase profit.

When it comes to safety of human assets and protection of the public while visiting a premise, 3xLOGIC leads the way via interaction with many types of sensors and external systems. For example, in the US, Active Shooter incidents pose a real threat not only to employees but also to the general public, particularly in areas where crowds might gather. 3xLOGIC’s patented Gunshot Detection Sensor can easily integrate with Access Control Systems for quick lockdowns; Video Management Systems for video verification of an emerging threat; external Alarm Systems for rapid notification of monitoring personnel; and Mass Notification Systems for quick and effective notification of large groups of people as well as First Responders. In an active shooter incident, time is a precious commodity. Giving even just a few seconds quicker notification and providing real-time, accurate situational intelligence can mitigate the damage caused by the shooter.

3xLOGIC’s TRENDS analytics and reporting software makes security management easier, more efficient and more powerful than ever. It turns data into meaningful information – collating, deciphering and presenting it in a way that makes sense by showing present and historical data in a business context. This not only gives insight when you need it, but also offers a fresh perspective to help solve problems that you might not even be aware of.

A great example of this is heat mapping, which makes it possible to see where people are going, identify patterns of behaviour, ascertain the popularity of certain items and identify peak times for customer numbers. This information means that products can be positioned effectively, while wait times can be reduced to stop customers leaving a queue. Not only does this provide a better customer experience, but it also means that additional security resources can be allocated to specific areas as and when required, while key performance indicators (KPIs) can also be defined to optimise efficiencies.

Up in the sky

In terms of product ecosystem development, all eyes continue to be on the cloud. 3xLOGIC recognised the potential of the cloud early on through the development of solutions such as the VIGIL CLOUD, which extends the functionality of the VIGIL VMS.

VIGIL CLOUD can be accessed via a standard web or smartphone app. A user can easily view live and playback video from cloud cameras, bookmark cameras for quick and easy access from the main dashboard, check camera health status, export footage clips and collect and package related video events together in case files that can be easily retrieved at a later date – anytime, anyplace, via any device. The cloud also makes collaboration easier, which is especially important considering how hard it can be to share large video files with colleagues. The next step is video in the cloud, which is already established in the US and now coming to the UK.

Solution provider

Time is money, so the saying goes, but it’s not just about saving time – using it wisely is just as important. Working with a solutions manufacturer like 3xLOGIC that offers a wide-ranging product ecosystem simplifies the lives of customers by providing solutions that coexist peacefully and integrate with each other, making them more powerful and valuable for end users.

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