ONVIF Sponsors IFSEC International 2017

ONVIF®, the leading global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products, was a sponsor of IFSEC International 2017 in London, 20-22 June, 2017, at ExCel London. IFSEC International is Europe’s largest security exhibition and more than 27,000 security professionals are expected to attend this year’s event.

“Trade shows like IFSEC International give the security community the opportunity to see how our members leverage the ONVIF interface to enable the deployment of exciting and innovative solutions to a broad swath of markets, from easily attaching video to point of sale data for retail to linking traffic cameras with municipal video management systems for more comprehensive security,” said Jonathan Lewit, ONVIF Communications Committee Chair, “These developments highlight just how quickly the Internet of Things is growing and the vital role that standards can continue to play in its evolution going forward.”

ONVIF sponsored the IFSEC Cafe on stand B550, where attendees found seating and educational materials about ONVIF. In addition to its sponsorship, ONVIF was represented by 79 member companies exhibiting at IFSEC International this year.

Integration Partner Program

To extend its network of partners in the field of collaboration, integration and business development, Hikvision  launches a  new Integration Partner Program at IFSEC 2017.

Designed to enable partners to capitalise on access to a wealth of technical and commercial resources, the Integration Partner Program features two partner levels of Integrated Partner and Premium Partner, and ensures that compatible 3rd party solutions will enjoy strategic marketing and sales reach, through Hikvision’s global communication channels.

Program tools & benefits

Partners joining the Integration Partner Program will benefit from a wealth of technical and commercial resources, including access to in-depth sales & marketing, technical support and business development. Items such as an integration checker tool, integration/ application certification, SDK training, integration support, and co-marketing and event opportunities, all aim to tailor partner expertise, skills, technological understanding and industry focus – to yield the best solutions, and drive success and profitability.

A vital part of the program’s benefits, streamlined online communication with Hikvision’s technical teams as well as vital tools to plan successful ‘go-to-market’ activities are also offered.

 Partner website portal

To support the program, Hikvision is going to launch its easy-to-use partner website portal in the third quarter of this year. It provides a platform for distributors, systems integrators and end users to find compatible solutions, as well as featuring an overview of partner integrations and status update. The new portal enables a seamless, online communication between partner and relevant stakeholders within Hikvision, for both technical and commercial matters.

“The Integration Partner Program opens the door to our partners to enhance their expertise, solutions performance and sales reach to a whole new level,” says Adler Wu, Product Director for vertical solutions and 3rd party integrations, “The integrated partner and premium partner programs will support our partners to develop, promote and sell their compatible solutions to boost their business and support a wider range of applications with certified smart turn-key solutions, for the benefit of end users.”

Hikvision are looking to welcome technology integration companies who specialise in physical security information management, video management software, video analytics, building management, identification systems, access control or systems requiring video streams, to connect to their exciting new partner program initiative.

Smart Surveillance Solutions

VIVOTEK showcased the latest vertical surveillance solutions at IFSEC 2017, London, under their latest strategy ‘See More in Smarter Ways,’ with complete smart IP surveillance solutions with partnerships forged through comprehensive integration with leading global partners Genetec™, SeeTec, and Wavestore.

Three highlights include:

See more through panoramic solutions: VIVOTEK introduced a lineup of 180° and 360° solutions. The compact MA8391-ETV, the newest 360° multiple sensors camera with four adjustable remote focus sensors, makes it easy to install and maintain. Moreover, with supreme night visibility (SNV) feature the camera can deliver high quality images around the clock. The new 3-megapixel 180° panoramic network camera, the CC8371-HV features IR illuminators effective  up to 15 meters. The latest four 3-megapixel CMOS sensor vandal dome with brand new aesthetic design, the MS8392-EV was also showcased. This flexible camera utilizes a video alignment feature that allows adjustment of the positioning and image quality of each sensor. Despite this flexibility, the multi-sensor camera is built to withstand rain and dust and is protected against vandalism or tampering with a robust IP66 and IK10-rated housing.

Smarter ways for IP surveillance: VIVOTEK demonstrates the ideal solution  by debuting the upcoming 12-megapixel  fisheye camera, FE9391-EV, featuring the ImmerVision 360° panomorph lens technology. This breakthrough lens technology delivers unparalleled peripheral visibility for optimal 360° image quality. Besides, it is also equipped with Smart IR II which can deliver supreme surround view image for night mode. With built-in smart technology including crowd-detection, loitering-time analysis, and trigger alarms for events such as overcrowding, the camera expands horizons for intelligent surveillance solutions. It also features advances in human detection, which can accurately detect human and non-human objects and continuously track the movements of any objects of interest. The smart technology powered by VIVOTEK’s 12-megapixel fisheye cameras help business owners to enhance security and control, as well as lower total cost of ownership.

Global strategic alliance: In order to provide customers with the most advanced surveillance products and solutions as well as to meet the technical demands of different projects and applications, VIVOTEK launched its solution integration alliance (SIA) program that builds cooperation and alliances with global partners offering diverse expertise across various fields. VIVOTEK worked closely with Genetec™, SeeTec and Wavestore during IFSEC 2017. Visitors experienced the seamless integration of VIVOTEK H.265 network cameras with Genetec™ as well as the powerful vertical solutions in transportation and retail applications borne from alliances with SeeTec and Wavestore that reinforce and expand the focus across vertical markets.

Deep Learning Powered Video Monitoring

British tech start-up, Calipsa has launched its next generation video surveillance technology built on state-of- the-art deep learning models. Founded by machine learning and artificial intelligence experts, Mohammad Rashid Khan and Boris Ploix, the company has developed algorithms that can process and analyse hours of video feeds to provide alerts and detailed reports for applications where real-time video monitoring is key, including traffic enforcement, public spaces, transport hubs, road accidents and public disorder.

The Calipsa engine uses a feedback loop to continuously evolve and improve over time. Human operators can ‘teach’ the artificial intelligence using a simple point and click interface, which automates repetitive parts of their jobs. Designed to work with any existing camera or video source, the technology can be deployed quickly via the cloud or on-premise, with no retrofit required. Calipsa is highly adaptable to all weather and lighting conditions, with 95 per cent accuracy.

“There are around 250 million video surveillance cameras in operation worldwide today, capturing 1.6 trillion hours of video annually. Yet despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, the majority of video surveillance carried out by the police, military, transport operators and security companies, is still done by humans,” explains Mohammad Rashid Khan, Co-founder and CEO at Calipsa, “This doesn’t make sense, as it’s very time consuming, expensive and inefficient. You can imagine that manually viewing huge quantities of video data for hours and hours can lead to fatigue, loss of attention, and most important, errors – at a time when video surveillance has never been more critical in our society.”

Calipsa demonstrated its technology at IFSEC to show how it works in a number of typical scenarios, including municipal cases such as monitoring traffic flows and congestion, traffic surveys and incident detection, as well as mass transit (airports, bus and train stations). The company is actively looking to recruit partners offering hardware, security and integration solutions.

The Calipsa team has raised a seven figure seed funding round from a number of well-respected venture capitalists including Localglobe, Horizons Ventures and Entrepreneur First – which have backed some of the biggest companies in the world. Calipsa is already working with customers in the UK, France and India and is now seeking strategic partners to take its technology to the market.

SSL & 802.1X Encryption Protected Cameras

Supporting the security industry’s leading technical solutions and software control providers, CCTV design and manufacturing company 360 Vision Technology, fielded their range of high-performance surveillance cameras at IFSEC 2017.

360 Vision displayed a variety of camera model/ control combinations including analogue, HD, thermal and stainless steel, and with integrated Sirius IR & white light LED illuminators – illustrating 360 Vision’s breadth of video surveillance imaging technology. 360 Vision’s high-performance Predator and Centurion ‘all-in-one’ PTZ cameras featuring advanced SSL & 802.1 encryption protection, were also shown.

“Designed to protect against hacking and ransomware attacks, we’ll be showcasing 360 Vision camera technology including advanced SSL & 802.1 encryption protection,” says Mark Rees, Business Development Director at 360 Vision, “We’re delighted to support our technical solutions partners at IFSEC 2017 with a wide range of high-performance camera technology – designed and built in the UK to deliver secure 24/7 video imaging, reliability and performance for any application.”

Essence Cloud Services Platform

Essence has focused on its cloud-based platform for security service providers at IFSEC International in London. The cloud service suite features hosting, data analytics, 24/7 multi-level support, and full customization for professional and DIY security systems.

The scalable and flexible platform accelerates time to market, allows complete management of accounts and systems, and delivers seamless, rapid integration into existing systems.

With the new holistic cloud, service providers get a complete end-to-end system that manages both services and hardware. The cloud supports Essence’s two flagship IoT and interactive security systems: WeR@Home™, a complete home management solution offering security and safety with user friendly, seamless mobile apps and simple, do-it-yourself installation and setup; and EverGuard™, a field-proven, end-to-end interactive professional security solution that includes a wide range of hardware, software, operations, and services.

“Essence continues to drive innovation in home and professional security focused on directly impacting the success of our partners,” said Dr. Haim Amir, Essence CEO and Founder, “Our cloud services platform directly enhances their customers’ satisfaction by giving them a flexible range of products and services to meet their needs and budgets.”

In addition to its cloud services and interactive security options, Essence also presented a new concept that brings the capabilities of voice interactivity to traditional security. This innovationis based on the Essence’s patented Intelligent Voice Activation technology that uses voice to make duress calls such as ‘intruder in the house,’ and alarm commands based on biometric identification to control the security system itself.

“IFSEC offers us a world-class opportunity to present the newest versions of our end-to-end, cutting-edge, cloud-based solutions to the security market,” said Ronnie Nir, Essence VP of Sales and Marketing, “Cloud-based architecture allows our partners to gain a better understanding of their customers through analytics and tailor their services with the flexibility afforded by the many hardware and software option available – directly impacting their ability to aggressively expand market share.”

New BX Panoramic Dome Camera

IndigoVision showcased the new BX Panoramic Dome Camera during IFSEC International 2017, London.

With four ultra-low light HD sensors, built-in IR and WDR the BX Panoramic Dome Camera displays outstanding 180 degree panoramic video in all scenarios. Sensor locations are pre-set so only to adjust the tilt and be ready to go. Installed with a single PoE+ cable, the BX Panoramic camera is IK10 which is suitable for both internal and external installations. Powerful analytics including motion detection, hooded, tripwire, intrusion, abandoned and missing are available across the entire 180 degree panoramic scene which is seamlessly stitched together. Integrated with Control Center, IndigoVision’s powerful and open Software Management Solution, footage is viewed and exported in a single seamlessly stitched together image direct from the camera.

“The new BX panoramic dome camera is a fantastic addition to our extensive camera portfolio. With built-in IR and 45 degree lens coverage from each camera lens this camera provides no blind spots,” said Paul Theasby, IndigoVision’s Chief Operations Officer, “That coupled with the seamless stitching of all images direct from the camera into Control Center and a wide range of analytics make it the perfect for outstanding video quality in all scenarios.”

 Latest IPSecurityCenter™ PSIM

CNL Software demonstrates the latest IPSecurityCenter PSIM capabilities at IFSEC International, including the use of drones to help increase situational awareness, integration and management of vast estates of sensors, systems and devices as well as a wide range of enhancements to enable large-scale federated systems to support critical national infrastructure.

The need for large scale CCTV coverage, both public and private has never been greater. At a time when almost all police and mass transit operations are facing reduced budgets for security operations, there has been an increased focus on the use of technology, using digital ‘eyes’ as a force multiplier for officers and guards. These eyes on the street, work 24/7/365 with a low cost of maintenance and little intervention required, and although they may not prevent attacks, they can assist greatly with investigations and the apprehension of offenders.

“We have seen growing numbers of law enforcement agencies around the world working towards solutions comprising public/ private co-operation as well as the use of body worn cameras, smart phones, drones and other technologies that give them fast access to relevant video,” explains Simon Jones, Sales Manager UK & Europe at CNL Software, “This increased requirement for CCTV brings with it the need to rapidly retrieve footage. At IFSEC we are be demonstrating how IPSecurityCenter enables the connection of vast numbers of new video technologies as well as legacy DVR/ NVR/ CCTV systems, from multiple different vendors, to retrieve video for distribution to the right people at the right time.”

IPSecurityCenter is deployed in some of the largest public security programs today, supporting the safety and security of citizens, visitors, commerce and infrastructure. IPSecurityCenter allows the intelligent integration of a vast range of security and homeland defense technologies such as video surveillance, content analytics, intruder detection, access control, facial and license plate recognition, crowd monitoring, chemical, biological, radiological/ nuclear and explosives detection, geospatial mapping and asset tracking etc.

Vehicle Identification, Mobile Access & More

This year Nedap demonstrated the portfolio of security products that they have significantly invested in for enhancement.

They have greatly improved the possibilities of the cloud based MACE Admin Portal. MACE is the platform for mobile access control. Virtual cards can now be easily distributed and revoked by partners or end users, and can also be customized to reflect the corporate style of customers. Even the identity of the virtual cardholder is also authenticated by using the fingerprint if that is stored in the phone operating system.

The uPASS product line of Rain RFID/ UHF readers is expanded with uPASS Target, the long-range UHF reader for vehicle identification to date. The uPASS Target can now also be equipped with a second antenna to expand the reading area or to support an entry and exit lane with one reader. They have also added new UHF tags to our portfolio – a UHF rearview mirror tag that motorists can easily hang on their rear-view mirror. Additionally, EPC GEN2 V2 cards and windshield tags are available that support security enhancements based on AES encryption.

The TRANSIT Ultimate readers for high end vehicle and driver identification have been redesigned last year. This year they are focusing on improvements to optimize the overall performance and configurability of this market leading RFID reader.

“We feel that many people are not aware of the benefits that our products can bring. Making security systems a little more convenient for people to use will greatly increase the support of people in organizations for the security systems that are implemented. Access control systems that slow down people or their vehicles often end up not being used in the best way possible, which decrease the security level of your organisation. Security should not be in the way of people. Our solutions make security and convenience go hand in hand. In the building and outside the building, for the people and for vehicles,” said Maarten Mijwaart, General Manager of Nedap Identification Systems.

VOLANT™ Rugged PTZ Camera

Redvision launches the VOLANT™ rugged PTZ camera at IFSEC 2017. The VOLANT™ is the fastest, quietest and most accurate PTZ camera in the industry and has been exhibited alongside the new VEGA™ rugged camera enclosure. Redvision also showcased the company’s well-established, X-SERIES™ rugged PTZ dome cameras.

Redvision’s VOLANT™ incorporates many of the design features of its successful X-SERIES™. It has a durable, die-cast aluminium body for rugged, outdoor operation; a flat, optically-correct, toughened glass camera window with wiper to remove dirt and water; and a camera design allowing viewing vertically downwards when mounted on a pole or column. It is IP68 weather-proof rated; IK10 shock and vandal resistance rated; and passes IEC vibration, shock and salt spray compliance requirements.

The VOLANT™ uses Infinity™ direct drive, brushless DC motors for fast, accurate and silent operation and highly flexible, continuous rotation in both its pan and tilt axis. It will silently pan at 420°/second to a pre-set, or move extremely slowly to track a target or person at 300m. The Infinity™ motors deliver minimal latency and military-level, positional accuracy, repeatable to 0.01°. If the VOLANT™ is knocked or moved out of position, its positional intelligence will recover it to its correct position.

The VOLANT™ includes integrated, Dual-Adaptive™ IR and white light LED illuminators, set in a ring surrounding the camera window. These provide optimal lighting in any field of view and are effective up to 150m in complete darkness.

IP and analogue models of the VOLANT™ cameras are available, including ONVIF compliant, Full HD, IP with 30x optical zoom and SD analogue with 20x or 30x optical zoom.


HGH Infrared Systems presented their latest and smallest sensor in their Spynel panoramic infrared surveillance systems line, Spynel-M at IFSEC International 2017.  One of the largest security events in Europe, IFSEC International showcases the most cutting-edge technology and solutions from providers across the world.

Spynel systems first made their debut into the security marketplace fifteen years ago, and since then, improvements to the system’s hardware and accompanying software, Cyclope, have consistently improved on the capabilities including longer detection ranges, more customization options within the software for ease of use and scaling down the sensors for more mobile and temporary applications.

The Spynel M weighs 1.8kg, making it the ideal and cost-effective solution for wide area surveillance of critical infrastructures such as power stations, event security, prisons, dam, nuclear facilities and data centers.

Five Key Security Scenarios for OPTEX’s Sensors at IFSEC

OPTEX exhibited a range of different products and solutions centred around five key security scenarios from perimeter protection and tailgating detection to Internet of Things (IOT) based alarm systems

Within its high security perimeter protection zone, OPTEX showcased its CPNI approved fibre optic fence detection system, Fiber Sensys FD-322 series that detects intruders climbing above or cutting through a fence. OPTEX’s REDSCAN RLS-3060 can create another layer of security around the perimeter fence to warn if anyone or any vehicle is approaching the fence. The perimeter intrusion detection systems have been fully integrated with the GEMOS PSIM platform and can trigger video surveillance drones to fly to the point of intrusion and send a live video stream to the control centre.

In a second zone, OPTEX displayed its time of flight technology, to allow visitors to gain a better understanding of its capabilities. The technology allows a scene to be mapped in 3D and give an accurate representation of the objects present. It is used in Accurance 3D, OPTEX’s tailgating detection system for interlocks and could also be used for other applications such as object protection.

The award-winning laser scan detector, REDSCAN RLS-2020 showed its ability to protect assets and detect people jumping over turnstiles or climbing through skylights. It is already proven in identifying small objects or thrown objects being smuggled into restricted areas.

For commercial and residential security, OPTEX demonstrated its new wireless infrared beam, the SL-TNR

that works with universal batteries (CR123) and can be partly hardwired; as well as its new range of pre-built beam towers.

The last zone included live demonstrations of how OPTEX’s wireless outdoor sensors, including its new VX Shield series, are ideally suited to IOT applications, sending alarms and other data via the cloud to a smartphone, or to a remote monitoring station.

Pelco Surveillance Cameras

ExSite™ explosion-proof and Optera™ panoramic cameras take center stage

Attendees at this year’s IFSEC International had the opportunity to experience a number of new and innovative cameras from Pelco by Schneider Electric. Headlining these advanced solutions are the company’s ExSite™ enhanced explosion-proof cameras which are engineered to survive in the most demanding environments, and Optera panoramic multi-sensor cameras that are integrated with the industry’s leading VMS providers to deliver panomersive HD imaging that puts you in the middle of a scene.

“Where Pelco imaging technology was perhaps a step behind the competition, we are clearly taking the lead once again with new solutions like our ExSite and Optera,” said Kevin Saldanha, Director Product Management, Pelco by Schneider Electric, “ExSite enhanced cameras are engineered to survive like no other with a virtually indestructible housing built to eliminate the possibility of electrical discharge which can cause explosions in some environments. And our Optera panoramic cameras make multisensor panoramic cameras ideal for mainstream use with the right combination of performance, reliability, cost-efficiency and now VMS compatibility. We’ve got it all covered.”

ExSite cameras robotically welded water and corrosion resistant stainless steel housing meets the tough NEMA Type 4X standard for use in extreme environments such as oil and gas facilities, chemical plants, manufacturing and more. Its unique patent-pending direct drive pan-tilt system is devoid of belts, gears or pulleys to eliminate stray electrical discharge while providing the highest levels of physical integrity. They also feature Pelco’s exclusive SureVision™ technology to capture superior images in difficult lighting conditions where highly contrasted lighting sources exist within the same scene. Some other features include an enhanced WDR of 130 dB, advanced low light performance with full color down to 0.05 lux, anti-bloom technology, 3D noise filtering, enhanced tone mapping for color accuracy, and more.

Optera™ Panoramic Multi-Sensor Cameras provide completely stitched, seamless and blended 360°, 270° and 180° panoramic views with electronic PTZ capability across the entire panoramic image for superior wide area surveillance and forensic scene analysis. Featuring Pelco’s exclusive SureVision technology, Optera panoramic multisensor cameras capture superior images in difficult lighting conditions where highly contrasted lighting sources exist within the same scene. They also feature smart compression technology, which reduces bitrate usage, resulting in up to 70% savings on storage. Additionally, they are integrated with over 20 VMS solutions, including exacqVision, Genetec, Milestone, OnSSI, Vista, Verint and Qognify, to ensure seamless implementation and ease of use.

Additional imaging solutions from Pelco highlighted at IFSEC, include:

Esprit Enhanced™ HD PTZ Cameras, which now include SureVision™ with 130dB of True WDR and low-light performance up to 20 times better than previous Esprit HD PTZ camera models. Built with Pelco’s iconic Esprit Series positioning system, these cameras deliver best-in-class image quality and pan/ tilt performance, and full HD 1080p 30x optical zoom. Esprit enhanced cameras are available with either standard or pressurized optical zoom modules that deliver exceptional image quality and high-speed positioning capabilities in the toughest outdoor environments.

Sarix™ enhanced IP cameras offer the best in low-light performance and bandwidth utilization via exclusive SureVision™ and smart compression technologies. SureVision technology delivers exceptional WDR performance for the most challenging lighting environments. Sarix enhanced IP cameras also feature preloaded analytics on every model, and are compatible with Pelco VMS as well as third-party VMS partners that support Pelco’s open API.

New IoT Radar Sensor with Avigilon Presence Detector

Discreet sensor combines self-learning analytics with impulse radar technology

for up to 99% accurate detection of a person

The Avigilon Presence Detector (APD) is a sensor that combines self-learning analytics with impulse radar technology to accurately detect the presence of a person even if they have stopped moving or are hidden. This sensor is designed for indoor locations such as ATM rooms and other closed indoor vestibules within banks, pharmacies, health care facilities and retail stores, and can accurately detect a person’s presence through blankets, cardboard, wood and drywall.

“Customers such as financial institutions face challenges in maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for their patrons,” said James Henderson, Avigilon’s Chief Operating Officer, “By accurately detecting and alerting security operators of events such as a person hiding or sleeping in an unwanted location, the APD provides an exceptional solution for maintaining safe and secure operations.”

With a small and discreet design the APD can be hidden above ceiling panels or behind interior walls. Available in surface, corner or wall mount options it uses standard IP security camera infrastructure and cabling, making installation fast and easy. The indoor impulse radar sensor, combined with self-learning analytics, scans and learns the environment, continuously adapting to reduce false positive events, providing extremely high accuracy in detecting the presence of a person at distances up to 9 meters from the sensor.

“The launch of the APD marks an important milestone in Avigilon’s development of new IoT driven security solutions,” said Mahesh Saptharishi, Avigilon’s Chief Technology Officer, “The combination of sophisticated radar and analytics technology helps to solve the challenge of accurate human presence detection in constrained indoor areas where traditional devices may be limited.”

The APD is expected to be available for order in the third quarter of this year.

Avigilon Corporation provides trusted security solutions to the global market. Avigilon designs, develops, and manufactures video analytics, network video management software and hardware, surveillance cameras, and access control solutions.

Cloud-Based Solutions for Remote Monitoring

The internet helped revolutionize the security industry and technology continues to evolve at a speed and depth that is changing the way people protect their premises

Cloud technology has resulted in a society that is always connected. For the security industry, this means it is now possible to remotely monitor many locations from hundreds of miles away. This is an area where Vanderbilt solutions carry particular depth.

A browser and an internet connection are all that’s required to access Vanderbilt’s flagship cloud products, ACT365 and SPC Connect. ACT365 is an integrated access control and video management solution while SPC Connect is one of the strongest intrusion detection solutions on the market.

Remote monitoring is the backbone feature of these solutions. This ability allows for the elimination of once laborious tasks that are now capable of instant execution through the quick click of a button on mobile or desktop devices.

For example, Travix, an online travel company, that use ACT365 at their London offices wanted remote connectivity with their site through smart devices. ACT365 is delivering this by giving users control of access points via any major web browser or ACT365’s app. When not at the premises, Travix managers also have visibility of access requests to their external doors and diagnostics for door status throughout their offices.

Remote monitoring also means that both SPC Connect and ACT365 allow for technical queries to be diagnosed and resolved on the go, delivering ultimate control to site security. This enables site issues to be dealt with efficiently, minimizing disruption as these can be addressed immediately and around the clock.

SPC Connect provides the ability for a caretaker that oversees maintenance for multiple buildings to manage alarms remotely. If an alarm is triggered at one of the sites while the caretaker is working at a different location, getting to the incident is logistically difficult.  They simply take out their smartphone, access the SPC Connect app, view the event, manage the response and turn off the alarm.

Essentially what remote monitoring boils down to is providing ease of use and convenience. Remote monitoring through cloud solutions saves time and money and brings peace of mind.

With technology continuing to embed itself into our everyday life, it’s important the security industry proves its agility, adaptability, and dependability in keeping up with consumer needs and remote and instant access to security solutions are an obvious list topper here. In that sense, the remote monitoring provided by SPC Connect and ACT365 are proof that Vanderbilt’s ear is to the ground in 2017.