Gemalto and Caliber Public Safety Collaborated

Assisting Law Enforcement Agencies in Securing Remote Access
to Criminal Justice Information Services

Gemalto has collaborated with Caliber Public Safety (Caliber), a leading provider of public safety software in the United States, to provide law enforcement and other government agencies an efficient way to comply with criminal justice information services (CJIS) policies, ultimately heightening security. By combining Caliber’s public safety expertise in records management and Gemalto’s SafeNet authentication service, the two companies have created a strong portfolio of cloud-based identity and data protection solutions. Gemalto and Caliber’s solutions allow law enforcement to rapidly deploy strong authentication technology to meet CJIS requirements and pass state audits.

When it comes to law enforcement, timely information is critical to stop crime. Criminal justice information (CJI) is shared at all levels – including state, federal, and local municipal agencies – meaning that any leakage of sensitive data, ranging from fingerprints to criminal backgrounds, can jeopardize efforts. The CJIS security policy defines requirements for sharing and protecting information such as two-factor authentication, when accessing CJI data.

Gemalto and Caliber provide law enforcement agencies with comprehensive, easy-to-deploy CJIS advanced authentication solutions for both mobile soft tokens and physical ones. The authentication as a service approach means public safety organizations have little to no installation overhead and can deploy it almost immediately. The self-service platform allows law enforcement officers to take care of ongoing token management, saving time for IT administrators, while extensive pre-configured reports provide immediate visibility and tracking of all authentication events.

“By leveraging our public safety cloud infrastructure, we are able to offer powerful security and risk mitigation, while ensuring the highest levels of compliance possible,” Gregg Merlihan, Senior Executive Vice President at Caliber Public Safety stated, “The technology is simple to use and its design accommodates growth and scale, along with a budget and approach to make quick and effective deployments a reality.”

“We have a long history at Gemalto of working in the government space, which helps us understand the unique security needs of these agencies,” said Francois Lasnier, Senior Vice President of Authentication Products at Gemalto, “Since the deadline for meeting the CJIS regulation has passed, law enforcement agencies have now started to undergo formal audits to ensure they are compliant. Gemalto’s authentication solutions provide them with a rapid path to making sure they pass these audits.”

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