Cyber Range Simulation Training Center in Tokyo

The facility, powered by the Cyberbit Range platform, will train cyber defenders in
preparation for cyberattacks during the 2020 Olympic Games and beyond

Cyberbit, whose cybersecurity solutions protect the world’s most sensitive networks, and Ni Cybersecurity, the Japanese cybersecurity service provider, have recently inaugurated the new Cyber Range training facility in Toranomon, Tokyo. The training center will provide hands-on simulated training for cybersecurity professionals and help address the growing shortage in cybersecurity experts, especially in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games, which are expected to bring with them a sharp rise in the intensity of cyber-attacks. Ni Cybersecurity has conducted preliminary training courses, after which 100% of surveyed trainees responded they would recommend the facility to their colleagues.

The Cyber Range training and simulation center in Toranomon, Tokyo, is the first fruit of the recent Cybersecurity cooperation agreement signed by the Japanese and Israeli governments on May 3rd, 2017.

“We invite Japanese enterprises and government agencies to experience a new way to train cyber security professionals and improve their skills,” said, Takeshi Mitsuishi, President and CEO of Ni Cybersecurity, “This is another milestone in establishing Ni Cybersecurity as an innovative provider of cybersecurity services in our region, bringing the most relevant and up to date technologies to organizations in Japan.”

The training facility will be powered by the Cyberbit Range, the most widely deployed cybersecurity training and simulation platform. Cyberbit Range enables trainees to practice responding to attacks in real-life settings including security tools, network architecture and traffic that reflect their actual work environment. The Cyberbit Range provides a rich and up-to-date catalog of simulated attack scenarios, including ransomware, enabling cybersecurity experts trainees to improve their skills and accelerating the on-boarding process for new team members. The Cyberbit Range powers cybersecurity training centers in North America, Asia and Europe.

“Japan is expected to train tens of thousands of new cybersecurity experts while improving the skills of existing ones, all within a very short timeframe,” remarked Cyberbit CEO, Adi Dar, “I am confident the initiative led by Ni Cybersecurity and powered by our Range platform, will contribute to Japan’s cyber readiness for the 2020 Olympic Games, and for years to come.”

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