VIVOTEK and IDTECK Collaborate to Enhance Access Control and Surveillance Solutions

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VIVOTEK (3454-TW), the global leading IP surveillance solution provider, and IDTECK, a renowned access control systems provider, have joined forces to revolutionize security management. This collaboration with IDTECK aims to take the next step in access control systems by leveraging VIVOTEK VSS (VAST Security Station), achieving a comprehensive solution.

The integration of access control systems and VSS offers three key advantages:

  • Real-Time Video Streaming Boosts Access Control: VIVOTEK’s integration of real-time video streaming into access control systems represents a significant security advancement. It enables live video alerts for swift responses and enhances real-time monitoring.
  • Audit-Ready Alarm Video Footage and Streamlined Evidence Gathering: In this collaboration, VIVOTEK and IDTECK introduce features that provide audit-ready alarm video footage, facilitating thorough incident reviews. Enhanced search records expedite evidence gathering, streamlining security operations.
  • PTZ Control for Seamless Management: VIVOTEK and IDTECK’s collaboration introduces PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) control within the IDTECK system. This goes beyond live monitoring to track individuals at access points, simplifying access control for security personnel.

The collaboration seamlessly integrates IDTECK’s access control system with VIVOTEK VSS, enhancing security, real-time monitoring, and incident investigation. Users can access key features like live camera viewing, monitoring, PTZ controls, presets configurations, and video searches, all integrated with the enterprise’s E-map. This provides an intuitive and comprehensive security management experience.

IDTECK provides complete integrated access control solutions with access control, elevator control, visitor management, ID badging, and a unique brand of top CCTV VMS integration partners. IDTECK Access Control System SW provides the highest level of secure System Management.



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