AX PRO Series Wireless Intrusion Alarm System, Enables More Reliable Intrusion Detection

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Hikvision India has launched AX PRO Series Wireless Intrusion Alarm System at PACC event in Kochi with big fanfare in the presence of security industry leaders and dignitaries. The newly launched AX PRO Series Wireless Intrusion Alarm System enables more reliable intrusion detection with home automation features.

While elaborating the unique product features of AX PRO Series Wireless Intrusion Alarm, Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India said, “It is an intelligent alarm system with convergent solutions. Anti-intrusion systems must be able to detect security breaches instantly and reliably – while also minimizing false positives. To help companies, homeowners, retail stores owners, and key institutes to achieve this, Hikvision has created its AX PRO wireless alarm system, which includes highly reliable video verification solutions, secure wireless transmission, and a wide range of state-ofthe-art alarm detectors.”

Introducing Hikvision’s AX PRO wireless alarm system

Hikvision has created its AX PRO wireless alarm system with long range detection using Tri-x and Cam-x transmission technology, range can be extender further using range extender to cover maximum area using single solution. This includes remote video verification to detect security breaches, secure wireless transmission technology for alarms and video images, and a wide variety of wireless products that trigger alarms rapidly and reliably in the event of a break-in or other security breach. The system also includes the AX PRO hub, which can connect more than 96 detectors to meet customers’ specific security needs.

The range is ideal for home protection and small and medium-sized business applications, supporting ‘simplicity through innovation’ for alarm detection.

The system includes 5 main types of Hikvision AX PRO wireless alarm detectors:

  • Hikvision AX PRO motion alarm detectors: The AX PRO range offers two types of motion detectors: ‘single element’ detectors, and ‘dual-tech’ detectors.

Single element detectors use passive infrared (PIR) or microwave technology to detect moving intruders and to trigger intrusion alarms in real time. Dual tech solutions combine different technologies, such as PIR, microwave, or cameras to verify intrusion threats and to minimize false positives.

An example of this type of solution is our ‘PIRCAM’ motion detector, which combines PIR with a smart camera. This solution takes pictures when the PIR sensor is triggered, allowing homeowners or business security teams to verify intrusion incidents remotely.

  • Hikvision AX PRO glass break detectors: AX PRO glass break detectors work with glass of different types and thicknesses. These detectors can be installed on both walls and ceilings facing glass panels or windows.

The detectors use high-quality broadband microphones to monitor loud high-frequency and low-frequency noises. In a glass-breakage scenario, loud, low-frequency sounds are created by shockwaves when a pane of glass is struck (with a heavy object for example). At the same time, the high-frequency sound confirms that the glass has shattered or broken. This approach to monitoring low and high-frequency noises ensures that the detectors can distinguish between loud noises in the environment, vibrations caused by high winds, and real glass breakages – helping to minimize false positives.

The AX PRO range includes a single-element glass break detector and a PIR motion detector that includes glass-break detection technology in a single unit.

  • Hikvision AX PRO door opening detectors (magnetic contact detectors): Hikvision door opening detectors comprise two parts, a magnet attached to a door or window, and a second unit attached to the frame. When the door or window opens, the switch is broken, and the detector is activated.
  • Hikvision AX PRO ‘shock’ detectors: AX PRO shock detectors use high-quality G-Sensors to monitor the vibration characteristics of different mount surfaces – including wooden walls, concrete walls, and panes of glass.

This allows Hikvision detectors to filter out false positives caused by a number of factors, including small, hard objects hitting a wall; dynamic pressures caused by windy weather; and maintenance teams hammering in nails or conducting other work on a building.

  • Hikvision AX PRO ‘environmental’ detectors: The Hikvision AX PRO wireless range also includes lots of additional detectors to improve home and business security. These include both portable and wall-mounted emergency buttons, an EN 14604-certified smoke detector with a 10- year battery life, a water-leak detector, and a temperature detector.

Key features of the AX PRO wireless alarm system include:

  • The industry leading AX PRO hub: which allows 210 detectors to be integrated in a single installation.
  • Multi-Path Communication: Onboard LAN, WiFi, GPRS, 3G/ 4G communications.
  • AX PRO Intrusion Verification-as-a-Service (IVaaS): which provides live video verification based on 7 seconds of video recording so users can quickly confirm alarm events on their system.
  • Anti-jamming security: with signal hopping across up to 50 frequencies to protect the integrity of the system.
  • Secure, reliable wireless connectivity: with our powerful Tri-X technology, which delivers the highest levels of security and performance.
  • Fast, simple installation: which requires installers to scan the device QR code and turn on the device, which automatically connects to the control panel.
  • Quick, easy configuration: via the AX PRO mobile app, web portal and Hik-ProConnect.



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