Hikvision Unveils New Smart Managed Switches for Managing Security Systems Remotely


Hikvision launched a new generation of Smart Managed Switches that, in conjunction with the Hik-Partner Pro mobile app, enable installers to remotely deploy and configure security systems with comprehensive operation and maintenance capabilities. This new generation of Smart Managed Switches features a robust architecture with 6KV surge protection for PoE ports. The full portfolio ranges from an economical 100Mbps switches up to high-powered Gigabit switches tailored for SMB projects.

Seamless integration with security systems

A rapid increase in the number of IP devices needed to fit the wide varieties of security scenarios has made network switches an essential tool. However, while traditional plug-and-play network switches provide connectivity, they may not converge with other security devices to extend synergy within a system. As the network in a business scenario becomes more complex, the device configuration becomes cumbersome and actually increases the workload.

But now, with this new generation of Smart Managed Switches, Hikvision integrates connectivity with management over the entire security system through its mobile app, Hik-Partner Pro. Hik-Partner Pro weaves together cameras, alarms, NVRs, access control devices, and software, creating a unified and easy-to-use security system for centralized, visualized operations and maintenance.

Further, with the mobile Hik-Partner Pro app, entire system deployment and configuration can be completed with a mobile phone in just three steps, making delivery simpler, faster and easier. The seamless integration provides installers with an all-in-one experience. Here’s more on how it works.

Remote management – Just like being on-site

The new generation of Smart Managed Switches enables installers to implement network operations and maintenance remotely, with no need to be at the site they are servicing. Two elements are critical here for maintaining such a setup: an intuitive bird’s-eye-view of the system as well as a way to resolve issues that come up.

  • Visualized network topology: A network topology, visualized in the mobile app, allows installers to view and maintain a network intuitively, easily getting updates on network health status and device connection status.
  • Efficient troubleshooting: Installers get real-time alarm notifications when a network or a device goes down, helping them quickly and remotely locate and resolve issues ranging from port reboots to parameter adjustments and more. This significantly reduces system downtime, as well as network operations and maintenance costs.

Doing more in less time with lower expenditure

Remote management saves time and eliminates transportation costs for installers. With Hik-Partner Pro, installers will extend and elevate their work efficiency as they maintain products using a mobile phone from any location and at any time of day, responding more quickly to ensure stable system performance for their customers. It can be a powerful tool for expanding their business and satisfying their customer base.

To discover more about Hikvision’s Smart Managed Switches and how they support remote configuration and management of an entire security system while combining functionality, simplicity and performance, please visit the Hikvision product page.



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