Hikvision India Introduces: Interactive Display Panel D5B Series to Take Advance Collaboration to a New Level

IDP D5B Series (Front)

Hikvision India has introduced the Interactive Display Panel (IDP) 5B Series to take the advance collaboration to a new level. This feature rich IDP product has multiple application scenarios in education, corporate and various other sectors. The next generation of digital technologies is transforming the way people live, work, and study. And now, interactive display panels (IDP) have emerged to meet the needs of today’s customers. In settings where communication and collaboration are necessary, daily requirements, such as office meetings and classrooms, interactive display panels can elevate efficiency and bring everyone together.

Here, Hikvision’s products take the lead with flexible, multi-functional solutions featuring ultra-4K resolution, accurate on-screen writing, built-in whiteboard software, and wireless screen projection.

Outstanding Imaging

Featuring cutting-edge technologies, Hikvision’s interactive flat panels offer an outstanding visual display for a variety of professional needs such as conferences, instruction, and more.

  • Smart whiteboard feature with intelligent recognition and 1mm writing accuracy.
  • 4K resolution and display with anti-glare glass for optimal viewing.
  • Eye protection with blue light filtering over 90% and automatic brightness adjustment.
  • Zero-gap Bonding with less diffused reflection and screen ghosting.

Advanced Collaboration

Advanced and flexible collaboration is the greatest strength of Hikvision interactive flat panel, boosting efficiency for teamwork and productivity.

  • Flexible projection capabilities such as wireless, group display, and reverse projection.
  • Smart whiteboard feature with intelligent recognition and 1mm writing accuracy.

Central Management

Managing interactive flat panels one by one is timeconsuming and highly complex, accompanied by a high margin for error. Central management can enhance administrative efficiency along with instruction by controlling parameter settings, information display, and rapid installation of applications.

Tailored Solutions

Integrating with equally powerful products and software, Hikvision can offer ready-made solutions for conferencing and education, inspiring more convenient connections anywhere you need it.

Audio and Video Conferencing Solution: Foster and improve team work for small, medium & large-sized conferencing.

Classroom Hub Solution: Empower more activities when you combine an interactive flat panel with digital tools, bridging any gaps between teaching and learning.

Key features

Outstanding Video & Audio: Ultra HD (4K) 3840×2160 resolution display with anti-glare glass improves the imaging details & Eye Comfort mode protects human eyes. 32W Stereo loudspeakers.

Built-in Whiteboard & Anywhere: Flexible Annotation Smooth writing experience with touch precision of ±1mm & Zero-gap optical bonding screen. Max. 45 multi touch points, multiple pen & colour choice, dual pen writing, allowing annotating, screenshot, screen recording, save & share via QR Code.

Local & Remote Collaboration: Video conferencing available through relative software & hardware, using it for local presentations with BYOD devices, share BYOD device screen to IDP with wireless projection.

Remote Device Management: Remote device management can enhance admin efficiency by using functions like restore default, reboot/ shutdown, software management, information sharing & display.

Dual-System Switchover: Built-in Android 11.0 by default & Insert optional OPS for Windows compatibility, One Click Switch to Windows.

The key functions of interactive display Panel includes:

Smart Whiteboard: Hikvision’s interactive flat panels support smart whiteboard functionality with 6 brushes and smart content recognition. Built-in browser and multiple fileread capabilities enhance the whole experience.

Flexible Projection: Various and flexible projection methods, such as NFC, software, and physical interfaces, etc., are supported. Users will enjoy the simultaneous projection of up to 4 devices. Moreover, reverse projection can help integrate laptops with the interactive display panel.

Audio and Video Support: Equipped with an 8MP camera and a 6-microphone array, flexible remote communication is guaranteed with clear audio, stable voice connection, and high-quality imaging.

Dual-system Switchover: Users can switch between their dual systems with just one click.

  • Built-in Android 11.0 by default .
  • Insert optional OPS for Windows compatibility.

Useful Assistant Tools: Various teaching tools – including recording, frozen screen, magnifier, spotlight, and screen shots – help teachers enhance their teaching efficiency.

Central Management: Central management can enhance administrative efficiency along with instruction using features such as: • Reboot • Shut down • Restore to factory defaults • Setting screen saver password • Software installation • Information sharing & display.

Application Scenarios: Conference Display Panels are one the key applications of Hikvision Display Panels.

Audio and Video Conferencing Solution: Online and remote conferencing have become regular parts of the workday for most professionals. Hikvision can help! Integrating our superior components, Hikvision offers a more productive and interactive experience. The ultraHD imaging and clear audio bring your far-away team members close – from anywhere in the world.

Education Display Panels

Classroom Hub Solution: Learning institutions are continually moving toward informatization in education. In addition, students growing up in a technological world are eager for more immersive learning experiences and better educational resources. Leveraging professional, AI-enabled cameras and lightweight software, Hikvision’s Classroom Hub Solution overcomes a variety of challenges by offering remote learning and multi-classroom learning, extending real classrooms to digital, virtual classrooms, bridging all kinds of gaps between teaching and learning.

Multi-Classroom Learning: Synchronized teaching and learning in the main and secondary classrooms with virtual face-to-face experience.

Remote Learning: Shares the class instruction instantly with remote students while maintaining the same engagement level.



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