ASIS International’s Delhi Chapter February Meet

ASIS International’s esteemed Delhi chapter 207 recently on 16 February 2024 orchestrated a symposium on the compelling theme of ‘Securing the Future: Trends and Predictions.’ Hosted graciously by Arminder Singh of Fidelity International, the gathering congregated both chapter affiliates and esteemed guests, delving into the vital topic of fire evacuation protocols under the expert guidance of Arminder Singh himself, ensuring preparedness in the face of unforeseen emergencies.

The ceremonious affair was elegantly initiated by the astute Maj. Nidhi Chandel (Retd.), serving as the adept master of ceremonies. Leading the discourse, Chapter Chairman Harvindra Singh delivered pivotal updates pertinent to the chapter’s endeavors, highlighting the commendable achievement of two CPP certifications and the successful execution of five Bootcamp sessions throughout the calendar year of 2024. Notably, Abhay Ranjan’s remarkable stewardship of the ASIS Certification Bootcamp garnered well-deserved accolades from both Harvindra Singh and ARVP Sanjay Kaushik.

The introduction of the new executive committee marked a significant transition, featuring stalwarts such as Chapter Chair Harvindra Singh, Chapter Vice Chair Pravesh K Tiwari, Chapter Secretary Geetika Wahi, and Chapter Treasurer Kuber Singh Rathore. Further enriching the committee were newly appointed subcommittee members, each entrusted with specific domains of responsibility.

Given below are the subcommittees along with new members:

  • Chapter Certification Representatives: Abhay Ranjan, Shubham Shukla and Lt. Col. Kumar Vikram Singh
  • Chapter Law Enforcement Liaison: Er.J Deepak Kumar Roa and Roop Singh Kuntal
  • Chapter Newsletter Editor: Garima Goswamy
  • Chapter Program Chair: Atul Kumar Goel, Ajit Singh, Milind Wakankar
  • Chapter Young Professional Liaison: Garima Goswamy, Anchall Saxena, Rishi Kumar, Vijay Singh
  • Military Liaison Chapter Chair: Maj. Ranjen Bhatia (Retd.) and Lt. Col. Udai Pratap
  • Women in Security: Geeta Singh, Maj. Nidhi Chandel (Retd.), Shivani Sajwan, and Anchall Saxena
  • Chapter Membership Chair: Lt. Col. Kumar Vikram
  • Mentorship Program: Lt. Col. Kumar Vikram Singh and Gurpreet Singh Gill

Keynote addresses were given by eminent security professionals including Manish Singh, a Harvard alumnus and the Altruistic Center for Research Training & Development honorary deputy director and Col. Arun Hariharan, VP & National Head-Nodal, Security & Safety, Bharti Airtel. To quote Manish Singh, “Future trends in identity management include the rise of decentralized identify solutions through blockchain, increased emphasis on biometric authentication, strict adoption of zero-trust security models, and the integration for enhanced identity verification and theft detection.” Col Arun Hariharan emphasized on data center security in his keynote address.

The ensuing panel discussion, skillfully moderated by Siddharth Mishra, Director of Human Resources at CorroHealth, featured a constellation of industry luminaries, including Mahesh Singh Chouhan, Ila Longani, Saurabh Bareja, and Rakesh Devgan. Each panelist provided profound insights into various facets of security evolution, prognosticating on future trends and the imperative of adaptability in navigating emergent risks.

Mahesh spoke about the evolution of physical security. To quote him, “We’ve passed away from straight physical security to working with integrated Security Systems to make sure that a person is who they say they are. But with every evolution comes a fresh set of new risks and vulnerabilities we have never imagined, only some of which we’ve learned to address and mitigate with time but a new beginning is yet to come – be agile and adaptive.” Ila talked about relevant trends and predictions that can impact physical security measures in the future. Rajesh made some insights about privacy. To quote him, “With the increasing adoption of surveillance technologies and data collection practices, there is a growing emphasis on protecting individual privacy rights and complying with privacy regulations. Security strategies need to strike a balance between ensuring security and privacy rights. At the same time, self-discipline is also required while sharing your data, and always share on a need-to-know basis when you don’t have control over the outside environment.” Saurabh spoke about the role of data analytics and predictive modelling in shaping future physical security strategies.

As the event drew to a close, Sanjay Kaushik, in a spirit of optimism, heralded forthcoming initiatives for the ASIS Delhi Chapter, lauding the Executive Committee’s exemplary leadership under Harvindra Singh’s stewardship. Amidst plans to institute a governing board, the chapter’s commitment to fostering knowledge exchange and community engagement remained resolute. Kuber Singh Rathore, in a heartfelt vote of thanks, extended gratitude to sponsors, speakers, volunteers, and attendees, underscoring their collective dedication amidst challenging circumstances, including the concurrent Bharat Bandh.


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