Uniview (UNV) Participates in Project Heads, Architects Consultants Conclave (PACC), Kolkata

Touches upon Eminent Topics of FSAI Suraksha Index


Uniview (UNV) participated in the recently held Project Heads, Architects Consultants Conclave (PACC) organised by Fire Security Association of India (FSAI) in Kolkata. At PACC the company was able to get encouraging response from all dignitaries through UNV product presentation, demo on UNV booth and active representation in panel discussions. 

Some excerpts from discussions

UNV put across points on ‘From Policies to Practice: Unveiling the Modern Dynamics of Safe & Secure Bharat through FSAI Suraksha Index.’

“When we talk about Surveillance, we talk about cameras, its quality, resolution (Megapixel etc.), and other important factors such as bandwidth consumption and security of the stored data. UNV is adept in addressing this important concern as it lays emphasis on technology & innovations. Beyond industry standards of H.264, 265, UNV has smart coding that’s Ultra Code (UCode) which helps save on bandwidth and storage by approx 50% compared to h.265, while retaining the quality,” Said Sumit Arya, VP, Uniview.  

UNV offers redundancy at Hard Disks level via RAID 0,1,5,10, etc. So even if few HDs fail, data is not lost. Also, the system is protected through power supply redundancy.

Now everyone talks about IoT, AI, Machine Learning etc., to reduce manual interventions and enable accurate forensic analysis using metadata from cctv video footage – what are the innovations in this segment? UNV offers more than 30 AIs available in the industry like – attribute search, safety AI like open flame, fire, smoke detection; safety gears like no helmet, uniform, mask detection; behaviour analytics like fight, on phone, drowsy, fall detection etc.

Unv offers quite few analytics on board camera; and if the camera doesn’t have onboard ones, Unv offer AI at NVR level & AI box, which turns plain vanilla camera into AI enabled solution.

During the PACC, UNV also expressed views in Tech Varta Express – Elevating Business Through Corporate Security: A Strategic Enabler. This topic resonates with UNV tag line ‘Better Security, Better World.’

Besides, UNV highlighted challenges in surveillance sector & how UNV offers solutions to address them.


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