Sparsh CCTV Takes Lead in ELCINA’s Seminar

‘Emerging Opportunities for Security Products Industry in Heightened Risk Scenario’

As a key advocate for Atma Nirbhar Bharat in the surveillance industry, Sparsh CCTV, a Technological Virtuoso, was a prominent presence at the seminar on ‘Emerging Opportunities for the Security Products Industry in a Heightened Risk Scenario,’ organized by ELCINA. This role reaffirmed Sparsh CCTV’s dedication to designing and manufacturing in Bharat. India is evolving at an unprecedented rate, necessitating the advancement of policies that promote local manufacturing and reduce dependence on neighboring nations.

Sparsh CCTV has consistently been at the forefront of technological innovation and thought leadership, actively engaging in discussions to promote best practices in the security and surveillance industry. Promoting this initiative, Sparsh CCTV showcased their comprehensive range of STQC certified products at their booth, captivating visitors with their advanced security solutions. The display not only highlighted the technical excellence and reliability of their products but also underscored their commitment to quality and innovation in the surveillance industry. Attendees were impressed by the cutting-edge features and the robust performance of Sparsh CCTV’s offerings, making the booth a focal point of interest and engagement at the event.

Sanjeev Sehgal, MD and CEO of Sparsh CCTV, delivered the keynote address, discussing the recent PPO and CRO initiatives and their transformative impact on the industry. He emphasized how these measures are crucial steps towards enhancing national security and protecting against cyber threats and data leakage.

The session continued with a panel discussion, also moderated by Mr. Sehgal. He had an engaging conversation with Ms. Asha Nangia, Scientist G and Group Coordinator, Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY), about the policymakers’ considerations while drafting the PPO and CRO for CCTV cameras with ER for Cyber Security and its potential to boost domestic manufacturing. The discussion was followed by a query to A.V. Murlidharan, Director General of GeM, regarding policy implementation on the GeM platform and its benefits to the industry.

The dynamic panel discussion concluded with insights from Ms. Aurosmita Kabiraj, Scientist D & Joint Director Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), on implementing the additional ER requirements in BIS, and Ms. Rashmi Bhangale, Assistant Vice President & Head PMO at Jio Platforms Ltd, on aligning Reliance’s CCTV infrastructure with the new policy.

Summing up the session, Mr. Sehgal commended MeitY for enforcing this much-welcomed policy, which boosts domestic manufacturers.

ELCINA’s seminar served as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and collaboration within the electronics industry and among key stakeholders, paving the way for greater innovation and growth opportunities for domestic manufacturers. As a leading security and surveillance partner,  Sparsh CCTV remains committed to driving positive change and shaping the future of the surveillance industry in India by being the first Indian company to be fully compliant with the policy across its entire product range.


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