Videonetics Unveils AI & Deep Learning Powered No Seat Belt Detection Technology

Videonetics has recently introduced artificial intelligence and deep learning powered ‘No Seat Belt Detection’ technology, which aims at detecting the drivers with no seat belt worn in real-time while driving four-wheeler, and consequently violating traffic laws and putting their lives at risk.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), globally about 1.3 million people and 20 to 50 million are injured die in road crashes every year. The risk of dying in road accidents is more than three times higher in low income countries than in high income ones. Wearing seat-belt reduces the risk of drivers and the front seat occupants by 45-50%, and the risk of death and serious injuries of rear seat occupants by 25%.

At Videonetics, we are constantly innovating state-of-the-art technologies for evolving markets. This is indeed a proud moment to launch Industry’s First AI & DL based No Seat Belt Detection technology globally. The new addition to ITMS suite will further inculcate traffic discipline amongst citizens as well as reduce road crashes.

 – Dr. Tinku Acharya
Fellow IEEE, Founder & MD of Videonetics

Powered by patented AI & DL framework, No Seat Belt Detection technology is trained with the real-time video data of over five years, thereby ensuring highest level of precision in identifying the most dangerous driving risks even in tough environmental conditions including at night.

The indigenous technology is well-competent to analyze gesture movement of the driver who is driving any type of four-wheelers including private car, taxi, jeep, lorry, truck and so on. After capturing the license plate of the violating vehicle with ANPR, the system generates alerts with the evidence video. Additional ly, events are stored for later analysis. No Seat Belt Detection technology can seamlessly assimilate with integrated e-challan/ e-ticket management software to generate challans/ e-tickets with details such as violation image, time stamp, date and vehicle number etc. The enormous potential of the solution empowers Videonetics intelligent traffic management system (ITMS) suite to enhance real-time traffic monitoring, identify and process traffic offences, eventually modernizing the traffic management solution and establishing traffic regulation and enforcement across the city.

With this latest addition, Videonetics augments ITMS portfolio encompassing automated number plate recognition (ANPR) system, red light violation detection (RLVD) system, detection of use of cellphone while driving, no helmet detection, triple riding detection, free left turn block detection, over speed detection, traffic congestion detection, wrong parking detection, no parking detection, smart dashboard, data visualization to name a few. ITMS is successfully deployed at many cities such as Kolkata, Ranchi, Indore, Bhopal, Bangalore and many more. It has achieved benchmark in replacing tedious manual processes to track, regulate and analyze vehicle movement on roads, and to enforce traffic rules for safety of citizens towards success of national smart city mission.


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