Seminar By ICISSM on New Age Threats: New Edge Mitigations

Seminar by the Security Professionals, for the Security Professionals

The security industry has and continues to play a vital role in ensuring the protection and safety of country’s critical infrastructure and economic well-being. The threat of terrorism has resulted in increased vulnerabilities and even greater risks. While technologies are great help in finding the suitable solutions, they are also found to be double-edged weapons.

Technologies are boon as well as bane. In industrial security management, the average shelf life of any technology is reported to be not more than five years. The same technology which is used for securing business data, cyber and physical assets, can also be used as a tool to breach. Technologies are our assets as well as vulnerabilities in industrial security management. With their limited shelf life, before their vulnerabilities are plugged, these are already exploited by the saboteurs, fraudsters and criminals.

It is very clear that new age threats need new edge strategies to successfully counter them. We need to put greater attention and focus on the much needed newer knowledge and skills and constantly train the security professionals.

Keeping this scenario in mind and due to changing security threat landscape, it was felt imperative that all working security professionals are given benefit of emerging trends and technologies successfully adopted by industry’s leading professionals.

A one day seminar is therefore being organised by International Council for Industrial Security, Safety & Management also known as ICISS.  This is planned with the aim to professionalise the professionals, the motto of ICISSM.

They welcome all security professional from diverse background to attend the seminar and also encourage other security professionals to do likewise. An exciting new approach awaits  for professional upskilling, peer-support and networking at the Seminar.

If security professionals’ learning goal is to gain critical knowledge of individual concepts within a subject area, ICISSM online certification courses are just for them! If you are a working professional and hardly have time to attend regular classes for professional certifications, the certificate courses from ICISSM are for you!

The Paradox of Security Management

Imagine a world where the very technologies and tools we employ to protect ourselves, are the same ones that leave us vulnerable. This is not a fantasy, but a reality we grapple with daily in the realm of security management. With every leap forward in technology, we gain new defences against threats, but simultaneously, we expose ourselves to new vulnerabilities.

The Race against Exploitation

The technology that secures data, cyber and physical assets, can also be exploited as a tool to breach our defences. It’s a race against time, as we strive to plug these vulnerabilities before they’re exploited by saboteurs, fraudsters, and criminals.

Dynamic Response to New Age Threats

This is the crux of new age threats – they are as dynamic and adaptable as the technology we wield. And they demand an equally dynamic response – new edge strategies that evolve in tandem with the threats they aim to counter.

Professionalizing the Professionals

But how do we develop these new edge strategies? The answer lies in constant learning, upskilling, and staying abreast of emerging trends. It’s about professionalizing the professionals, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to navigate the ever-changing security landscape.

ICISSM’s Initiative

In light of this, the International Council for Industrial Security, Safety & Management, or ICISSM, is organizing a one-day seminar. This seminar is designed to bring security professionals from diverse backgrounds together, to learn from industry-leading experts and gain insights into the latest technologies and trends.

Continuous Learning and Certification

But the learning doesn’t stop there. ICISSM also offers online certification courses tailored to the needs of working professionals. These courses delve deep into individual concepts within the subject area, providing a comprehensive understanding that is critical to staying ahead of new age threats. So, if you’re a security professional seeking to bolster your defences against new age threats, we invite you to attend the seminar and consider our certification courses.

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