Axis Communications: Build end-to-end solutions with AXIS Camera Station Integrator Suite

Innovation is at the core of Axis and our end-to-end solution provides a complete range of applications from a basic surveillance to Mid-sized installations. At Axis we create high quality network cameras, recorders, speakers and software tools that will help the installers from designing to deploying the different installations. Our solutions complement each other and ideal for end customers like retail, transportation, education, hospitality and manufacturing sites.

Right tools at every stage with this all-in-one kit, AXIS Integrator Suite

Compare and pick products using Product Selector.

Design your surveillance project from scratch with AXIS Site Designer tool and estimate the budget of your project beforehand. This tool will make installers more productive and less error prone.

Configure your entire system using AXIS Camera Station. This intuitive and centrally controlled video management system is optimal for mid-sized applications.

Verify and eliminate the performance issues with AXIS Installation Verifier after deployment. Share the report of the system with your customer.

High definition surveillance with Box-ready recording solutions.

 AXIS S20 appliances– highly reliable network video recorders come with pre-configured software with licenses and integrated PoE switch. This one-stop solution from one vendor requires less man powers and less time for installation Read More…


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