Securing Varun Beverages Limited

Commissioning IP surveillance project in association with Network Technology

Varun Beverages limited is one of the largest franchisee in the world (outside US) of carbonated soft drinks (CSD) and non-carbonated beverages (NCB) sold under trademarks owned by PepsiCo. It produces and distributes a wide range of CSDs and NCBs, including packaged drinking water. In addition, it has also been granted the franchise for Ole brand of PepsiCo products in Sri Lanka.

In a bid to ensure security and operational efficiency, Varun Beverages deployed analogue surveillance solutions in multiple areas. However, despite its efforts, the company suffered a number of thefts, and they attributed the crises to the poor image quality and limited coverage area of their existing analogue surveillance solutions. They found their daily operations are usually suffering from such lapse. The deployments were aimed to keep a check on the upkeep of the machines, daily manpower, and maintenance of hygiene and operations, but the blurred videos and low image qualities could not attain the purpose. Face recognitions were difficult and activities in areas at certain distance were not clearly visible. Entangled cabling issues were the added ache.

VIVOTEK along with Network Technology acquainted Varun Beverages with the IP surveillance solutions to counter their issues. The idea was to equip the brand with contemporary security solutions and bring them at par with the evolving security threats. The duo highlighted technical glitches the brand was experiencing and the inadequacies associated with analogue based surveillance to address current threat landscape. Varun Beverages needed something highly reliable, consistent in performance and more accurate.

After having analyzed the situation, VIVOTEK and Network Technology suggested altering their analogue surveillance solution to IP. They offer complete end-to-end solution from general surveillance to pinpoint surveillance at various check points in the plants. Offering appropriate models for the brand’s varied needs, VIVOTEK and its associate partner segregated the camera for multiple sites on the basis of different locations. Including 5-megapixel 360 degree surround view fisheye camera FE8180, robust Full-HD speed dome camera SD8363E, 3-megapixel outdoor ready 180 degree view fisheye camera CC8370-HV, 2-megapixel 15 meters IR illuminator fixed dome camera FD8169, and two bullet type cameras IB8369 and IB8367. All of the cameras are united inVIVOTEK’s professional video management software, VAST, making cameras more powerful and increasing management efficiency.

Towards formulating an all-inclusive IP surveillance solution, the team met with pertinent personnel of the company and with their assistance, they conducted a survey of areas within the plant with no network connectivity and suggested establishing network connections accordingly. After analyzing the situation, the solutions were deployed covering all boundary walls, loading and unloading areas and other critical areas. Post deployment, the entire commissioning was verified and a user level training was also conducted.

The deployment of VIVOTEK IP surveillance solutions transformed the operational scenario into a more productive and secured one. The installation brought down the cases of thefts, and the workers and operation staff became more alert and disciplined towards the jobs.

“VIVOTEK’s IP surveillance system worked with us step by step to not only provide the robust security solution we were looking for, but also helped us navigate through all our key plant requirements. The IP surveillance system has significantly improved the control over the entire production process and administrative areas of all our production facilities. The solution enables an efficient and centralized security through which the manager can monitor remotely anytime and anywhere promptly and effectively. VIVOTEK has been really helpful during the planning stage and in providing technical support, which exceeded our expectations, and we’re looking forward to providing them with more as their business expands,” said, Johnson Cherian, G.M. (IT Infrastructure) Varun Beverages Ltd.

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