Beyond Security: Access Control for Multi-Tenant Sites


Access control systems are, of course, synonymous with security. Keeping people safe and places secure is their primary role. When these places are multi-tenant sites – with multiple subgroups of users with their own group and unique permissions – the access and security challenges are more complex. But even these can be well managed with intelligent integrated access control systems.

Integrating CCTV, running sophisticated ‘cause and effect’ protocols, having a robust intruder detection system and strong cyber security measures are all essential components. But as an access control manufacturer, we carefully design our products to provide benefits beyond security too, making life easier and more pleasant for tenants and users, as well as security managers and site owners.

Read on for our top nine ‘beyond security’ benefits that Inner Range intelligent access control systems can offer multi-tenant sites.

1. Partitioned systems

Ok, this first one is a cheat because it is about security. But it’s highly useful for multi-tenant sites and not many access control systems offer this feature. Our enterprise level access control system, Integriti, offers ‘partitioned sites.’ This allows security managers to create users and other global entities that only exist within the partition they were created in. The partitions are completely isolated and invisible to users in other partitions, greatly reducing the chances of cyber criminals or rogue users accessing protected areas and information.

2. Smartphone access

As we streamline our wallets and move increasingly to digital platforms, tenants and users can be set up to use their smartphones to open doors and other smart devices. This usually requires them to download a secure mobile app and then our Integriti system can read and check security credentials from users’ mobile phones to determine whether they are allowed access.

3. Managing visitors

Applications to manage visitors ensure a secure, reliable and trusted method of managing visitors and stop receptionists getting bogged down creating credentials when visitors arrive.

These systems can allow business tenants to issue temporary passes for their own visitors without needing to pass every request through a central security team. The passes can usually be issued on paper or in advance via email. They can also be issued as Apple Wallet or Google Pass credentials. These appear on the visitor’s smartphone with a QR code without the visitor having to search their phone for them. Location and time-based information included in the pass ensure it appears when and where it is needed.

The passes can be read by our Integriti system at door entry readers, entrance turnstiles and lifts to ensure visitors only access areas agreed by the ‘host’ offering an efficient and hassle-free experience for everyone.

4. Parking made easy

All our systems offer automatic number count that triggers to show whether car parks are full or still have space available when someone is approaching the entrance. Our Enterprise product, Integriti, can integrate with ANPR providers that read vehicle number plates and allow access for those with correct permissions including disabled users and/ or VIPs.

5. Cashless vending

All user profiles can be loaded with credits for users to purchase drinks, food and other items on site. This saves time for users who don’t have to wait in long queues at lunch time and is easier for canteen workers who don’t have to deal with cash.

6. Heating and lighting efficiencies

Everyone is concerened with their carbon footprint these days and our access control systems can be used to track when and where people are on site, meaning organisations can update heating and lighting timers to reflect what users really need. Access control systems can also be used to create automated heating or lighting actions in reaction to specific alerts such as lights coming on when a particular door is opened or when a certain number of people have entered a building or room. These measures make life more comfortable for users while also saving money and improving the environmental credentials of the site owners.

7. Automatic renewal reminders

Our access control systems can be used to manage a range of permits and licences. For example, some clients offer parking permits that need to be paid for. Our access control systems will send automatic notifications when a permit or licence is about to expire, reminding them to top up or renew, and avoids frustration at the car park barrier if a permit has expired.

8. Health and safety certificates

The reminder service mentioned above also applies to a host of health and safety licences and certificates. It’s imperative for companies to keep first aiders and machine operators up to date with training and mandatory refreshers. Our Integriti access control system will send automatic notifications when certificates are nearing expiration so individuals and companies have time to train or refresh skills as required. This takes pressure off health and safety managers who don’t have to record and remember all this information themselves and reduces the risk of an accident and/ or liability.

9. Automatic muster reports

All our products, including our entry-level access control system Inception, offer automatic muster reports. These show who is where on site and can be scheduled to run in the event of a fire alarm to help with health and safety procedures. The alternative is a manual register of users in the event of an emergency, which is much more time-consuming. The fact our muster reports show the last known location of users means that if someone is missing, site managers or emergency crews will have a much better idea as to where to start searching.


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