Dahua Secures Strategic Partnership with Scanview

Dahua Technology has recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with Scanview Systems, the leading parking and traffic solutions provider of Denmark, which delivered the Copenhagen Airport and Billund Airport car dahuaparking projects in a close and successful cooperation with Dahua Technology. Michael Chen, VP and General Manager of Overseas Business, Dahua; Zhang Xingming, VP, General Manager of R&D Center, Dahua; and Dan Blirup, CEO of Scanview Systems attended the signing ceremony.

Scanview Systems is a leading technical concept solution provider which deals in unique products, consulting, design and installation. It delivers customized services for license plate video analysis, registration for parking and traffic systems, and various types of LED info boards. Its customers include municipalities, Copenhagen Airports, Billund Airport, and APCOA – ranging from government to private companies.

Through the agreement, Scanview Systems will be involved in the early de velopment and testing stages of specific Dahua new products, and both companies will keep a close position in technological communication. In the meantime, business cooperations are expected to be more frequent between two sides, where Dahua will leverage Scanview system’s unique insights to finetune its product portfolio, and Scanview systems will also better utilize Dahua’s product solutions to expand its business in Nordic and EU markets.

Zhang Xinming said, “I believe the partnership between Dahua Technology and Scanview Systems will be a win-win choice. Dahua technology will continuously input resources to expand our ability to give better, faster, and muchdahua more effective service in Demark. Also, our R&D team will optimize allocation of resources to provide Denmark with great innovation of products and technology, to offer more advanced and competitive solution.”

“We at Scanview Systems are very proud and honored to have signed this strategic agreement with Dahua Technology. I think we are the perfect match where we at Scanview Systems are coming with all the fantastic ideas and Dahua can make all the ideas real and things happening,” Said Dan Blirup.

Michael Chen is also optimistic about the partnership. He commented, “Dahua is dedicated to customers’ success. We will collect true market needs from our customers and optimize our products and services accordingly. With a mission of ‘Enabling a Safer Society and Smarter Living,’ we will continue to focus on innovation, quality, and service to serve partners and customers around the world.”

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