VIVOTEK Showcases Deep Learning Based People Detection Solution

VIVOTEK, a global leading IP surveillance provider, will showcase its latest comprehensive surveillance solutions at IFSEC 2019, during 18-20 June 2018 at ExCel London. They will present deep learning smart VCA, cybersecurity management solution, and a brand new license plate recognition camera. As one of the founding members of the Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA), VIVOTEK, in its shared pursuit of a common standardized platform, will also reveal an innovative Android-based AI camera at its booth.

Deep Learning Based People Detection

In the era of artificial intelligence, VIVOTEK aspires to bring more valuable analysis of human behavior to its solutions. Based on its self-developed deep learning based people detection technology, VIVOTEK has improved security with proactive detection and now focuses this technology on commercial opportunities. With accurate people detection technology, only the activities of persons will trigger an event. It thus significantly reduces false alarms as well as enhances operational efficiency by making use of data insight reports.

Wide coverage 180-degree solution and cybersecurity protection

VIVOTEK will demonstrate a series of 180-degree solutions offering panoramic supreme views for different applications. The 180-degree solution considerably reduces the total number of cameras required, and ultimately saves both cost and time spent on installation. In addition, VIVOTEK will introduce the latest end-to-end cybersecurity management solution and display how it responds to a live cyber attack targeted on network cameras at its booth.

New license plate recognition solution

As the demand for license plate recognition (LPR) rises, VIVOTEK continues to develop more advanced solutions to meet user requests. In IFSEC 2019, VIVOTEK will reveal the latest H.265 bullet license plate recognition camera, the IB9387-LPR. Featuring edge-computing technology, the brand new IB9387-LPR is embedded with license plate recognition software capability and is able to identify license plates on a black list or white list. It allows users to receive real-time recognition without delay and effectively reduces loading of the backend server. All of these features are making this camera an ideal product for parking access control and ‘stop & go’ toll applications.

New Android-based AI camera for OSSA

VIVOTEK is one of the five founding members of OSSA, the alliance aiming to create a common standardized platform for security and safety solutions. To support its mission, VIVOTEK has dedicated itself to developing its very first camera prototype on the Android platform to be displayed at IFSEC 2019.


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