VIVOTEK Showcases Complete Cybersecurity Solutions

VIVOTEK, the global leading IP surveillance provider, showcased its latest IP surveillance solutions at Intersec Dubai 2019.

  • Security-within-Security cybersecurity solutions: Recognizing the emergent threats to cybersecurity, last year VIVOTEK launched the world’s first IP surveillance cameras embedded with Trend Micro anti-intrusion software. Building on previous achievements, VIVOTEK now offers complete cybersecurity protection for cameras and network video recorders (NVR), both of which are guarded by Trend Micro IoT security. Moreover, management capability in its video management software (VMS) VAST2 has been upgraded. This new protection brings a number of benefits to users including leveling-up cybersecurity management, seamless multi-layer protection, instant alert notification, and an interactive dashboard for event reports.
  • People detection deep-learning technology: VIVOTEK aims to provide users not only security, but smart technologies that bring more added value to the observation and analysis of human behavior. To achieve this goal, it has developed a series of smart video content analysis based on people detection deep-learning technology such as crowd detection, heat map, smart motion detection, and smart search II. With people detection functionality, only activities of persons will trigger an event, significantly reducing false alarms and improving the total accuracy of video analysis in ever-changing environments.
  • See more in smarter ways with 180 degree solutions: VIVOTEK’s latest 180-degree panoramic cameras offer a wide range of vertical field of view and IR distances including the new H.265 four 5-megapixel IR 30 meters multi-sensor camera, MS9321-EHV; the H.265 dual 4-megapixel IR 20 meters multi-sensor camera, MS9390-HV; and the compact 3-megapixel IR 15 meters network camera, CC8371-HV. These professional day and night cameras are perfect for applications that demand wide coverage. Not only do they maximize the field of view but also reduce the total number of cameras required, helping to minimize both the cost and time spent on installation.

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