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Mikhail Zharov
Business Development Manager, Telefire

In an exclusive interview with Mikhail Zharov, the BDM and a Technical Expert at Telefire, we at SecurityLinkIndia explored the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence in fire detection systems and security monitoring, emphasizing Telefire’s innovative solutions that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with renowned global companies, coupled with an impressive delivery record.

Can you elaborate on Telefire’s specialization in Fire Detection Systems?

Telefire has solidified its position as a leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality, proven, and reliable fire detection systems. With over 40 years of experience, our control panels and detectors, compliant with EN-54 and UL standards, showcase our commitment to providing innovative solutions that match the reliability of global industry leaders. Notably, Telefire’s fire control panels are accessible through cyber-secured cloud-based services, ensuring reliability and accessibility anytime, anywhere.

Telefire is known for its Security Monitoring and Control. How does your Israeli background influence this aspect?

Telefire’s advanced security system, derives its excellence from its Israeli roots, benefitting from the nation’s renowned expertise in defense technology. With a foundation in Israel’s rigorous security practices, Telefire seamlessly integrates cutting-edge surveillance and threat detection capabilities, offering a proactive and adaptive defense against evolving security challenges. The system’s Israeli background underscores its commitment to providing top-tier security solutions.

What advantages does Telefire bring to Security Monitoring and Control?

Telefire’s security solutions offer a unified approach, providing an all-in-one system that displays data from safety and operational systems, including fire and security, on a single screen. This level of integration enhances the efficiency of security systems, reducing vulnerability to potential threats. Our open security software also facilitates easy integration with 3rd party equipment for maximum site security, aligning with the reliability expected from global industry leaders.

In what sectors can Telefire’s Fire Detection and Security Solutions be applied?

Telefire’s versatile system caters to various industries – including high rise buildings, industry, trade & business, public institutions, and security sites. The adaptability of our solutions allows for tailored applications to meet the unique needs of different sectors, ensuring that our products are both innovative and reliable on a global scale.

Can you elaborate on Telefire’s advantages in central building security & management?

SNIPER, Telefire’s leading solution for security monitoring and control, stands out as a cutting-edge software solution for the intricate management of security and operational efficiency in buildings. Its open architecture enables seamless integration with leading manufacturers’ equipment, making it a forefront solution for sophisticated security and operational management. SNIPER excels in functions such as alerts, notifications, real-time procedures, user permissions, and more, offering a versatile and modular approach to building security.

In what ways does SNIPER contribute to the efficiency of security systems?

SNIPER’s capabilities extend across various security functions including access control, CCTV, video analytics, intrusion detection, and fire alarm systems. It optimizes maintenance costs, measures efficiency, generates reports, and interfaces with external factors, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient security system. Its vendor-agnostic connectivity allows for maximum flexibility in interfacing with third-party devices, making it a powerful and adaptable choice for security excellence.

How does SNIPER’s modular structure adapt to different building types and sizes?

SNIPER’s modular structure ensures versatility and adaptability to different building types and sizes. Whether it’s a single-site operation or a multi-site operation across cities or continents, SNIPER’s central dispatching capabilities provide a scalable solution. It caters to low to high human traffic buildings, highly protected facilities, and offers cross-application benefits, making it suitable for a wide range of security requirements.

What role does SNIPER play in the optimization of energy consumption and operational efficiency?

SNIPER’s integrated software not only enhances security but also optimizes energy consumption and operational efficiency. It uses information from one application to benefit others such as using a smoke detector to generate thermal mapping that reduces AC energy consumption. SNIPER’s self-configuration and modification tools further empower users to customize alarm settings, permissions, and real-time procedures, ensuring a tailored and efficient solution.

How does the user-friendly interface of SNIPER enhance operational excellence?

SNIPER’s user-friendly interface is engineered for intuitive operational excellence. Navigating the security system becomes effortless, enhancing overall operational experience. This user-centric design ensures that users can manage and monitor the security system seamlessly, contributing to a more efficient and responsive security environment.

In summary, the integration of Telefire’s fire detection systems with SNIPER’s Security and BMS solution creates a powerful synergy, offering a comprehensive and innovative approach to safety and security in buildings of various types and sizes.

How does Telefire invite collaboration and partnership in the industry?

Telefire is actively seeking local partners globally, inviting installers or distributors of fire detection and security systems to join us on our journey towards creating safer and more secure environments. Our commitment to delivering innovative and reliable solutions aligns with the expectations set by global industry leaders, making Telefire a preferred partner in the pursuit of safety and security.

What steps are involved in becoming a Telefire partner?

Becoming a Telefire partner involves several easy steps. First, explore our value proposition by discovering our wide range of products, including advanced fire detection systems, security monitoring and control solutions, and BMS. Take advantage of our transparent price list to ensure a competitive edge in your market. Next, collaborate on a personalized business plan with our experienced team to penetrate the market and maximize your sales potential. Obtain a demo kit to understand the features and capabilities of Telefire’s products, accelerating the sales process. Finally, solidify our partnership by signing a clear and mutually beneficial agreement.

How does Telefire support the professional growth of its partners?

At Telefire, we prioritize not just partnership but your success. We provide comprehensive training modules covering sales strategies, effective marketing techniques, and certified technical training for our products. This training is tailored to empower partners throughout their professional growth. We offer ongoing technical support, project assistance, and continuous support for complex technical issues through second-tier support, ensuring the success of partner projects.

How does Telefire ensure ongoing support for its partners after they become certified?

After partners complete the certification process, Telefire ensures ongoing support to enhance their capabilities. This includes dedicated technical support throughout the lifecycle of their projects, assisting with any technical challenges they may encounter. Our second-tier support offers continuous guidance for complex technical issues, ensuring the success and smooth implementation of partner projects.

In addition to the initial training, we provide continuous learning opportunities and updates to keep our partners informed about the latest advancements in fire detection systems and security solutions. This commitment to ongoing support underscores our dedication to the long-term success of our valued partners.

What defines Telefire’s legacy and commitment to quality?

Founded in Israel in 1979, Telefire has evolved into a technology-focused company, maintaining the highest standards of quality and services. Our certifications, including compliance with international standards such as EN-54, UL standards, and UL-2900 Cybersecurity standards, underline our commitment to excellence. Telefire is a member of the Israeli National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-IL), showcasing our dedication to advancing safety standards globally.

Delivery Excellence:

Additionally, Telefire takes pride in its efficient product delivery process, with an impressive 95% of products delivered within 30 days, ensuring that our clients receive top-notch solutions promptly.

In summary, Telefire stands as a pioneer in the fields of fire detection and security monitoring, offering innovative and reliable solutions that position us as equals among the global industry leaders. Our swift delivery further underscores our commitment to meeting the needs of our clients, making us the preferred choice for India’s safety and security requirements.

Mikhail Zharov is a skilled professional in the field of fire safety, currently leading business development at TELEFIRE in Israel. Originally from the Republic of Belarus and educated as an engineering technologist, Mikhail’s extensive experience spans various business sectors. His expertise allows him to forge enduring and collaborative relationships with clients worldwide.



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