The Quest is Over: The India and South Asia OSPAs 2024 is Open Now

  1. Nomination is free.
  2. This year the OSPAs are for India and South Asian countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives, and Sri Lanka.
  3. For the first time, winners at the OSPAs India & South Asia 2024 will automatically enter the Global OSPAs, scheduled to take place in 2025.

The much anticipated – the Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) India and South Asia 2024 – is now at hand, and nominations are open, which will celebrate and recognise the excellence in security across the region, one more time. This is the fourth edition of the event in India. This year the event is being organized in collaboration with MitKat Advisory, with the United Service Institution of India (USI) as the Knowledge Partner, and SecurityLinkIndia as the Official Media Partner.

The OSPAs are different from all other security awards – they are global, and they are based on strong ethical principles which are the same in every country (e.g., judges mark to an ethics policy, they declare any conflict of interest on every mark sheet) and the categories are the same too. They are already operating in 36 countries and expanding. In every country they invite all the leading local security associations to take part (and as can be seen from their website, most already do).


“We are delighted to launch the 2024 India & South Asia OSPAs, extending the recognition of outstanding security performance to a broader geographical scope, with the inclusion of South Asian countries and the opportunity for winners to participate in the Global OSPAs, we are creating a truly international platform for recognising excellence in security,” commented Professor Martin Gill, Founder of the OSPAs

In the OSPAs, the same categories based on the same principles operate all over the world. The categories are diverse incorporating companies, teams, individuals, products, initiatives/ projects and partnerships in the public and private sectors and including clients and suppliers.

Thinking about the Global OSPAs

The design of the OSPAs, using the same principles and categories all over the world was no accident. The vision was always there for each national winner to be eligible to enter into the global OSPAs, and this has been introduced this year. In 2024, all the winners of all the categories will qualify for the Global OSPAs. The categories are as follows:

  1. Outstanding In-House Security Manager/Director
  2. Outstanding Contract Security Manager/Director
  3. Outstanding Security Team
  4. Outstanding Security Company (Guarding)
  5. Outstanding Security Consultant
  6. Outstanding Security Training Initiative
  7. Outstanding Security Installer/Integrator
  8. Outstanding New Security Product
  9. Outstanding Security Partnership
  10. Outstanding Security Officer
  11. Outstanding Female Security Professional
  12. Outstanding Young Security Professional
  13. Outstanding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative
  14. Outstanding Security Sustainability Award

Professor Martin Gill, added, “What we know is that all over the world the very best in security are very good. Too often security operates under the radar but the work of security professionals is too important for that. This is a sector that is professionalising and we need to identify the outstanding performers and emulate them. All over the world we need to place a spotlight on those who are excellent at what they do. After all if security professionals don’t do their job companies can lose money, they can go out of business, workers can be injured and in worst cases they can die. Good security professionals don’t just help protect an organisation they enable it to operate especially in trying circumstances and difficult domains, and that is why security is so important. As a sector security needs to celebrate success. This is what the OSPAs do.”

India and South Asia OSPAs

Entry to the OSPAs is free, one can enter of the categories above, and if he/ she wins he/ she qualifies for the Global OSPAs; the rewards are enormous, see here for more information:

Dr. Rajiv Mathur

“OSPAs have been well recognized in India now and are regarded as one of the most prestigious awards in the industry. The ethics, conduct, and independent & fair selection process have been the differentiators. The horizon is increasing and the reach is expanding, as India & other South Asian countries are joining in this edition. Best wishes to all nominees and to the winners who will represent their countries in the Global OSPAs Awards in 2025,” Commented Dr. Rajiv Mathur, Regional Advisor for the OSPAs

It can be seen from the website that the OSPAs is supported by all the leading security associations and groups and they have nominated the judges. Entries close on 23 January and the awards ceremony will take place on 14 March 2024 at the United Service Institution of India (USI) in New Delhi. The awards will be preceded by a knowledgeable ‘Thought Leadership Summit.’

Please look at the website for more information.



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