SnylloGO: On-Demand Service STARTUP

To disrupt India’s private security & facility management industry

Hiring security personnel and facility management workers is always at the top of mind for scores of organizations and individuals, and SnylloGO – an on Demand Service Startup is causing a huge wave and is making the hiring process a total cinch. The beta version of this new app SnylloGO has recently been launched in Delhi-NCR during the current pandemic situation. SnylloGO – seemingly a new disruption in the security industry allows an organization to hire licensed security guards, facility workers and other blue collar personnel who are available for work with the touch of a finger.

The app knows the users’ locations, and so when they launch it, a list of immediately available security guards in their area populate. Each user has the option to request for the availability of security guards with times, dates and locations in order to help secure their business. In turn, licensed security guards can register and immediately start accepting work.

There are strict rules in place for security contractors using the app. Payment from organizations to security contractors is all done directly through the app via online payment gateways. In the event a security contractor doesn’t show up for a shift, they are automatically terminated from the app, and an instant refund is provided back to the organization or individual. This is how the app is a win-win for businesses, security contractors and other blue collar service providers and takers who are looking for steady work in their area.

The App directly connects licensed security guards with the clients looking for private security services. This technology will create new freelance work opportunities for guards, and will eliminate the need for dispatch centres.

Sabgun Thapar, the Founder of Snyllo said, “Technology is totally amazing and it has allowed us to develop a new app that will help organizations and individuals run their operations smoothly and more securely. The app will help organizations employ licensed security contractors all around the country to work as per their convenience and earn additional income.”

“This app provisions – you can easily work on a 40-hour work week without any problem whatsoever. But if you don’t want to work a 40-hour work week, you may select the days e.g., Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or whatsoever,” added Sabgun, “It’s really ground breaking in relation to its flexibility, how people as well as clients interact with it.”

“The security guard industry has remained stale for so many years – nothing really much has changed,” said Sabgun, “SnylloGO is now a big disruption & revolution simply because it will dramatically alter how organizations hire security guards during these testing times of pandemic where everyone is keen to cut cost and reduce capex, and it will also offer licensed security guards the freedom and flexibility to work when they want.”


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