Businesses Receive Boost to Security with Zyxel’s Latest VPN Solution

With the ZyWALL VPN1000, MSPs and VARs gain access to one total solution to manage all deployment needs and scale for small to large businesses

Zyxel introduced its most comprehensive VPN offering, the ZyWALL VPN1000. The all-in-one security solution allows small and medium business owners to safely access and transfer information across multiple locations or hybrid clouds with ease.

As the threat of cybercrime continues to grow, small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) are struggling to meet their security needs, especially if they need to provide secure communication and protection across multiple branches. The ZyWALL VPN1000 solves this problem with a total security solution that offers easy to deploy connectivity, SD-WAN and security capabilities.

Supporting all main VPN connection types, the newest addition to the ZyWALL VPN family manages IPSec, L2TP, SSL & TLS and PPTP, as well as site-to-site and client-to-site topologies. Whether a business needs to let a remote worker access the company network or allow multiple branch teams share reports to HQ, they can be sure that data is always encrypted and transmitted securely across the network.

The power of SD-WAN connectivity performance

The ZyWALL VPN1000 also comes bundled with a one year SD-WAN license. This means businesses can access both standalone and Nebula Orchestrator (SD-WAN) modes.

While some SD-WAN solutions use load balancers to optimize connectivity performance – where users need to repetitively configure firewalls one by one – Zyxel’s SD-WAN enabled products leverage a centralized control function. With this, users can securely and intelligently direct traffic across the WAN and increase application performance, resulting in a better user experience, increased business productivity and reduced IT costs.

Twelve months of free security services

As well as providing solid VPN and SD-WAN features, the ZyWALL VPN1000 provides easy-to-deploy business network security including a firewall with content filter, a fully-integrated security subscription service with URL and HTTPS domain filtering and safe search. The product also comes with Zyxel’s GeoEnforcer, which identifies the origin of incoming traffic.

Also with the Hybrid-cloud support, the validated gateway offers a straightforward configuration that is far easier for businesses which want to connect to public cloud infrastructures such asAWS VPC or Microsoft Azure.

Gary Chen, President, Zyxel India said, “We believe in providing the best solution in the market for our SMB customers, its difficult for small and medium sized businesses to have complete secured network security solutions for their offices, specially in case of multi branch offices. So we at Zyxel believe in challenging status quo and keep on working for making our existing solutions better. The introduction of ZyWALL VPN1000 will be revolutionary and will bring lots of important features for medium business owners.”

The ZyWALL VPN1000 featuring SD-WAN will be available soon. It is the latest offering in Zyxel’s comprehensive range of VPN devices, which also includes the VPN50, 100 and 300. This range means businesses or deployment scale models, from small to large, will be able to find the VPN to best fit their needs.


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