Videonetics Intelligent VMS 3.0 is Now ONVIF Profile ‘Q’ Compliant

Constantly meeting industry-standard and adding to ONVIF Profile S, G and T certifications

Videonetics, world’s leading AI & DL powered Unified Video Computing Platform (UVCP™) development company, announced that its AI powered Intelligent VMS 3.0 (IVMS) is now ONVIF Profile ‘Q’ compliant that allows easy set-up mechanism and basic configuration of IP cameras over the network, directly from the IVMS. It also supports transport layer security (TLS), secure communication protocol that allows ONVIF devices themselves to communicate with clients across a network in a way that protects against tampering and eavesdropping.

Building on more than a decade of R&D in the domain of video computing, computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning based technologies, Videonetics Intelligent VMS 3.0 delivers next generation user interface, military-grade security, rugged with unprecedented levels of high availability and a future ready solution, for any size of deployment across various industry verticals such as smart & safe cities, critical infrastructure, industrial, mass transit, education, healthcare and retail to name a few.

Tuhin Bose VP & CTO, Videonetics

Adding ONVIF ‘Q’ compliance to our existing S, G and T certifications is an achievement for us. By having new ONVIF standard in our Intelligent VMS 3.0, users can avail the benefit of secured communication between our VMS and ONVIF Q compliant devices. It also empowers users for quick discovery and basic configuration of profile Q conformant IP cameras or network devices using IVMS 3.0, hence streamlining set-up and deployment process without needing to access configuration settings of individual devices. Videonetics is committed to continue adopting open standards for better interoperability and openness

  It encompasses multiple video computing services in a unified, homogenous software architecture platform and goes beyond mere ‘capture-record-display’ generation of video management. Videonetics has been ranked #1 video management software provider in India, and among the top 5 in Asia (IHS/ Informa Tech Research).

ONVIF® is a global and open industry forum that is committed to standardizing communication between IP-based physical security products to ensure their interoperability and to facilitate their integration. ONVIF was established in 2008 to develop a global open standard for IP-based physical security products. Membership is open to manufacturers, software developers, consultants, system integrators, end-users and other interest groups that wish to participate in the activities of ONVIF.


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