Social Meet & Greet –Beyond Work

Security Industry Leaders and Professionals Meet to Conclude 2023 with Blast


Seam Risk Solutions, led by Ms. Veena Gupta, a renowned name in women safety and security, has recently convened a fabulous informal fun program beyond work to end the year with a blast. The event was marked as ‘Social Meet & Greet – Beyond Work.’ This event was a gathering designed to foster connections and relationships among individuals outside the confines of their professional environment. The aim is to create a relaxed and informal setting where people can interact on a personal level, share interests, and build a sense of community.


The event was a congregation of more than half a century stalwarts. That gathering of the like-minded professionals and security industry leaders included experts like Dinesh Singh, Deepak Rao, Vivek Gupta, Col. Inder, Satyen Yadav, Ajay Pal Singh, Anil Madan, Col. Sam, Col. Shivendra, Chakradhari Rowe, Col. Vishal, Rajiv Mathur, Chander Gujral, Manoj Barala, Comdt. Rajender Singh, Reena Dahiya, Capt. Praveen Dahiya, Lt. Bhasker Shukla, Raman Grewal, Abbas, Santosh Pathak, and Tushar Gupta among others. Women from diverse professional background also attended the Meet. The event was just the successful conclusion this year deserved. The event took place at ‘Bottles & Barrels,’ a cozy and comfortable venue at Star Tower, Gurugram.

The occasion with dance, poetries, fun talks, and great food and drinks amalgamated into great vibes, the energy was intoxicating and led to a realization that married with the theme of ‘Life Beyond Work,’ perfectly.


The key was to create an environment that encourages genuine connections and allows people to see each other beyond their professional roles. A successful ‘Social Meet & Greet – Beyond Work’ event can contribute significantly to building a positive and collaborative community.

The event has filled all attendees with the renewed energy for coming New Year 2024 and developed an innate resolve to associate, collaborate and chart new heights in the coming year.



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