HW-18 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot

HW-18 EOD Robot is to replace EOD personnel, carry and transfer suspicious explosive and other hazardous goods; and what’s more – it can destroy bomb by disrupt or installed through water cannon interface, observe on the spot and transmit images in real time for security personnel, be equipped with shotgun to attack criminals, and carry detecting equipment to inspect hazardous area and goods.


EOD robot consists of mobile robot body and control system. The optional touch screen of control system is suitable for the beginners to operate. Optional accessories are tail, wireless transmitting antenna, and hardware tool including cutter, hook, rake, drill and clipper.

Application environment

  • Transfer and destruction of the suspicious objects in public places (metro, airport, railway station, shopping mall, conference center etc.),
  • Detection of prohibited to carrying goods by their images in 7 projections,
  • Applied in such environment as dud elimination, roadside bomb elimination and mine elimination etc.,
  • Material fetching and transfer under hazardous biological and toxic environment,
  • Reconnaissance, detection, material fetching and transfer within the ruins environment after disaster, and
  • Material fetching and transfer under nuclear radiation environment, simple detection and maintenance work.

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