Z952 – Intelligent Speed Dome

Following the success of the popular 2MP speed dome model Z950, ACTi has added a new NDAA compliant model to the Z-series family – Z952.

It is a 4 Megapixel 25x optical zoom speed dome with the built-in analytics.

It is a perfect model for the critical locations such as traffic intersections, utility plants, airports, factories, stadiums and more. One of the successful mission-critical utility projects with Z952 is the power plant security system in Taiwan.

The camera not only analyzes the video footage, but also the sound. The intrusion can even be detected with the help of sound analysis even when the intruder is trying to avoid being seen.

The camera comes with the wide range of advanced analytics including face detection, people counting, auto tracking and intrusion detection. The analytics results can be managed with the ZNR-series NVR servers.

While most of the high zoom PTZ cameras in the market require either AC power or special High PoE with over 25.5W, the model Z952 is fully operational with only 21W and can be powered by the standard IEEE802.3at injector or PoE switch. This makes the camera installation really simple and cost effective. There is no need to hire an expensive licensed electrician to do the cabling job.

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