Adding HID Technology™ to the Reader Range

Paxton Access, the manufacturer of IP access control and door entry solutions, has added Genuine HID Technology to the majority of its access control reader range, in pursuit of market feedback.

In addition, for extra convenience, dealers can now purchase nine of Paxton’s most popular readers with pre-activated HID Global® licenses included. These readers are ready to use right out of the box with no extra cost and no additional license required.

Genuine HID Technology is one of the most popular credential formats and this update to the company’s reader range helps support the ease of system migration when updating to a new Paxton access control solution. This also provides a cost benefit as users can retain their existing credentials.

Gareth O’Hara, Chief Sales Officer at Paxton Access says, “This is something that our customers have told us they want, and we have listened. With the release of this technology, taking over an existing system is even easier. Simply enrol your HID credential in the Paxton system and continue to use them alongside Paxton tokens without changing any hardware.

This is great for sites already using this technology as your customers won’t need to buy new credentials, saving them money.”

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