Valerus VMS Version 1.2

New features enhance a simple user experience

Vicon Industries, Inc., designer and manufacturer of video surveillance and access control software, hardware and components, announces the release of Valerus 1.2, the latest version of its popular video management software. With the latest release, Valerus further enhances the simple, completely hassle-free user experience that the software has been designed to deliver.

New features include:

  • Three powerful search options that help find recorded video evidence as quickly as possible. Thumbnail Search, Museum Search and Events Framework Search provide three distinct methods for searching, depending on the nature of the query.
  • Built-in dewarping and viewing controls for 360º cameras that allow Valerus users to get the most out of today’s popular, high-resolution fisheye cameras. Multiple view perspectives, including quad views and 180º perimeters, provide the same level of detailed coverage that would typically require the use of many megapixel cameras. Presets and pan/ zoom capabilities further enhance the flexibility and performance the cameras can deliver.
  • Enhanced health dashboard statistics that provide detailed graphs for every camera and NVR on the network, making it easier to assess system behavior and diagnose problems.
  • Additional network settings give system administrators more flexibility in how to setup, secure, backup and maintain their Valerus system. Valerus now supports encrypted communication over https networks, provides the ability to regularly backup system configuration settings, and allows for easy system-wide software updates by pushing new software from the application server to all NVRs. It also supports both IPV4 an IPV6 devices.
  • Security Keypads and PLC Controllers that can now connect to Valerus systems, allowing for camera views, presets, and even web pages to be quickly called up using numerical values.

Bret McGowan, Vicon’s Senior V.P., Sales and Marketing says, “All new features of Valerus 1.2 have been added not just to enhance system performance, but to increase the ease with which customers make use of the system.”

Valerus 1.2 will be available for download via the Vicon website in early July, 2017. Valerus customers eligible for upgrades can download the new software and update their system without any system relicensing. Prospective new customers are encouraged to download a free 30-day trial of Valerus Pro to experience the full range of features.

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