Thermal Camera for Commercial Market

Thermal cameras are endowed with unique features such as night surveillance, remote surveillance and temperature detection that other cameras generally do not compete with. Debuted in military field, thermal cameras have played a key role in wars. After years of research and development, infrared image processing technology and the craftsmanship of the detectors are becoming more proven and the cost of the components is lowering, and this is how thermal imaging technology has entered into industrial market

Dahua technology has recently launched an entry-level thermal mini-hybrid bullet camera DH-TPC-BF2120. Featuring mini size, dual-channel spectrum, intelligent functions and affordable price, DH-TPC-BF2120 is a thermal camera truly for the commercial installations that is installed just like any other security surveillance camera.

Product features

Mini-sized and durable

DH-TPC-BF2120 has an external dimension of 9.39”x3.56”x3.56” and the ingress protection grade reaches up to IP67 having strong environmental adaptability against water, dust and other contaminants.

Dual-channel spectrum, external infrared lamp

DH-TPC-BF2120 deploys Dahua’s advanced image analysis and intelligent algorithms in the optical camera, and fully integrates them into the thermal camera. This camera combines one thermal camera for monitoring in total darkness and one optical camera with SONY STARVIS sensor to acquire high-resolution color image. It is connected using one IP address. IR led illuminating is turned on at night to make sure no detail is missed in any lighting conditions.

Intelligent functions

In addition to basic functions such as ROI, IVS, PIP, image fusion etc., DH-TPC-BF2120 supports multiple intelligent functions such as meeting the demand of daily video surveillance, fire hazard warning and alarm message delivery. Fires are usually caught by imperceptible hidden flames, which are hard for general surveillance systems to detect. Utilizing thermal imaging technology, DH-TPC-BF2120 is able to discover hidden flames quickly and effectively. It precisely locates the fire allowing timely emergency response to nip the fire in the bud.

Application scenario

Perimeter protection

Multiple DH-TPC-BF2120 thermal cameras can be utilized to form a perimeter intruder detection system, which performs as an invisible tripwire using thermal imaging technology. When installed at the recommended height of 5 meters and with an FOV of 56°x44°, one DH-TPC-BF2120 thermal camera covers a fence of 29 meters long. Whether it is day or night, as soon as someone enters a targeted area, a warning will be sent to the control center. It is truly an ideal choice for applications such as residential parks, industrial parks, gardens and large parking lots.

Fire detection

Big internal spaces with goods present a fire hazard which is difficult to detect by smoke sensors. Surveillance cameras, however high-resolution they are, cannot effectively detect the location and scale of the fires. Thanks to its thermal technology, DH-TPC-BF2120 is an ideal device to guard such spaces like warehouses, exhibition halls etc.


Dahua DH-TPC-BF2120 is the first thermal camera truly for commercial market. Though an entry-level product in Dahua thermal camera portfolio, DH-TPC-BF2120’s numerous intelligent functions make it a one-stop solution for small and medium sized surveillance projects. Supporting ONVIF protocol, DH-TPC-BF2120 is compatible with mainstream third-party VMS platforms in the market such as Genetec (Security Center 5.6 GA), Milestone (XProtect Corporate 2017 R1) as well as Dahua DSS (Dahua Security Software).

The launch of DH-TPC-BF2120 will increase the potential market space of thermal imaging, protecting the investment of Dahua customers. With a mission to build a safer society and promote smarter living, Dahua will continue to focus on ‘Innovation, Quality and Service’ to serve partners and customers all around the world.

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