Dahua H.265 Wi-Fi Cameras A26/C26

Dahua Technology has released its H.265 consumer series products earlier this year – the indoor cube model C26 and the pan & tilt model A26.

In an era when people are less at home, they can connect to it with A26/ C26. C26 supports intelligent human detection and instant alert, keeping consumers aware of what is going on at home any time they want. Smart Tracking of A26/ C26 automatically tracks and keeps tracking any moving object around the camera.


Fluent high-resolution video based upon H.265

With 2MP image sensor, A26/ C26 delivers crystal clear image. The latest H.265 compression saves up to 50% bandwidth and storage, eliminating users’ worry about the network bandwidth or storage while enjoying better video. Dahua H.265 Wi-Fi Cameras A26/C26

Cloud services through Easy4ip App

With an Easy4ip cloud account, one has access to camera through smart phone as long as Internet is available. One can record daily or motion videos on Easy4ip Cloud and playback anytime anywhere. Also, Dahua Easy4ip platform supports IFTTT, which enables Dahua cameras to interact with other smart home applications, such as Philippe Hue, Amazon Alexa etc.

Instant alert via motion detection

A home surveillance camera that supports motion detection sends alerts whenever motion event happens.

24/7 protection with Smart IR LED

With high quality IR LED and Dahua Smart IR algorithm the cameras automatically switches the night mode on and off, and they can adjust the brightness of the IR LED automatically when the light condition changes.

Two-way audio

Dahua indoor Wi-Fi cameras support built-in Mic and Speaker so all the recorded motion or daily videos support Two-way Talk. When someone breaks in you’ll receive an alarm alert at the real time.

Special specifications of camera

A26 supports 355° pan & 90° tilt, so it can rotate to see all directions with no blind points. Smart Tracking based upon advanced tracking algorithm enables the camera to automatically focus on and follow moving objects in both horizontal and vertical way, even when the camera is installed on the ceiling.

C26, with super wide 130° horizontal field of view, can see a whole room through 1 camera. And with the magnetic base you can stick it to any metal surface. With Human Detection based upon powerful image processing technology, C26 detects people by recognizing human heads, greatly reducing false alerts to situations such as falling leaves and light change.


Dahua A26/ C26 cameras are a perfect solution for vacant home and shops.

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