HID Global Empowers qiiosk Ltd to Meet Rising Demand for Truly Touch-Free Dining Experiences

HID Global, a worldwide player in trusted identity solutions, recently announced that qiiosk Ltd. uses its HID NFC Tags to meet skyrocketing demand from restaurants and diners for its product Menu Tile, to give a completely contact-free dining experience.

With HID NFC Tags, qiiosk was able to respond quickly to the demand for solutions capable of addressing the ‘new normal’ of contactless dining, takeout, and delivery. The company’s enhanced solutions enable restaurant goers to securely access current menus, place orders, and submit payment simply by scanning a QR code or tapping an embedded NFC tag with an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet.

High-quality HID NFC Tags facilitate end-user interactions with qiiosk’s products, providing restaurants and other hospitality venues with robust hardware and best-in-class software for touchfree ordering and payment.

“HID NFC Tags now solidly underpin our Menu Tile product and others in development,” said Justin Clark, Director at qiiosk, “We chose the solution due to our experience and confidence in the tags after significant and fierce field trials. We are confident in HID products and use them not only within our organization, but also in organizations we support.”

Of particular importance to the Menu Tile product was the adhesive quality, read rate and ruggedness of HID NFC Tags, which allowed the company to equip its customers with a ‘fire-and-forget’ solution to address rapidly evolving regulations in the hospitality sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic and increased attention on food allergen issues. With HID NFC Tags, qiiosk was able to quickly upgrade their physical product and produce enough tiles to supply customers. This positioned the company to maintain their high growth by delivering a high-quality product capable of enduring the harsh conditions of bars and restaurants – leading to cost savings and reliability.

“We are pleased that qiiosk has leveraged the power of HID NFC Tags to deliver an improved product that provides exceptional results during a time of high demand and great uncertainty,” said Jean Miguel Robadey, Vice President of Industrial Smart Components, Identification Technologies with HID Global, “By integrating HID NFC Tags into its solutions, qiiosk was able to deliver to its customers more touch-free opportunities and the ability to immediately communicate menu changes and even possible COVID-19 exposures to protect their staff and diners.”


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