Videonetics helps Indonesia Government Institution Improve People Identification and Authentication


With a mission to recognize faces of the people entering/ exiting premise of the Government Institution at Indonesia, and analyse their attributes in real-time, the authority needed an extremely robust and ‘highly secured’ facial recognition system. Due to heavy footfall at the premise, it was difficult for staff to manually record information of visiting people and verify their identity on daily basis. Sometimes, they faced challenge in verifying them due to changes in appearance or features.

The solution

Videonetics MeraFace™ – facial recognition software was selected after a thorough technical evaluation by the partner as well as government decision makers, Videonetics MeraFace™ was selected for its highest accuracy in recognizing and detecting faces, in varied lighting condition, providing additional attributes of gender, age and emotions and comprehensive statistical reporting. Operating 24x7x365 on one of the busiest premises having footfall of VIPs, citizens, media, and government officials, Videonetics MeraFace™ was deployed at strategic locations with high human traffic flows including entry and exit and lift lobby area, of the institution.

  1. Video streams from IP cameras are processed at MeraFace™ to detect faces in real-time and operators find probable match with the registered faces. In case, any face which is not registered but has been captured and stored in the system, can also be found anytime.
  2. Operators have been keeping records of registered faces and attributes of the person’s face for future search and investigation.
  3. Powered by AI & deep learning framework, MeraFace™ analyses and delivers more information such as gender, age, emotion – eventually helpful for officials to make accurate visitors’ analysis.
  4. Now, operators can identify and classify VIP, suspected, blacklisted people in real-time with easy clicks and send the instant notification to the staff, for any swift action.
  5. At the time of any suspicious activity, operators can quickly investigate person’s face in the given videos or collection of face images. Moreover, this feature has been phenomenally successful as an investigation tool, for conducting post incident analysis.

The impact

Videonetics MeraFace™ has been proven to be a reliable and scalable system for the government authority by delivering fast and highly accurate results.

Today, the security staff can recognize and detect faces in real-time. Furthermore, MeraFace™ has helped in appointing a smaller number of security guards around the entrance or exit of the premise, thanks to automated facial recognition system of identifying and validating information. Risk of human errors in face matching has also been eliminated.

“Videonetics has not only delivered a perfect facial recognition solution, but also delivered on its reputation of providing outstanding training and support to us and customer. Our customer has invested in the future-proof technology that has the ability to grow with their needs,” expressed Alfred Bisuk, Technical Manager, Lamjaya Inovasi Komputindo.


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