On-line Certification: Certified Security Professional (CSP) & Certified Security Manager (CSM)

The International Council for Industrial Security and Safety Management (ICISSM) is a security and safety professionals’ forum that works towards creating an open platform for security and safety professionals to share their knowledge and expertise. With the membership of more than seven thousand working security and safety professionals from all over the world, it has been conducting the training with the help world renowned Master Trainers. These training carry a lot of respect and recognition in the fraternity. ICISSM is the only institution in India which is focussing on continual improvement and career enhancement of security supervisors and security guards.

The high-value on-line certification program are specially curated keeping in mind the busy lives security professionals have and also the burning desire in them to excel in their chosen profession. The Council is aware that they want to constantly upskill themselves to remain ahead to forthcoming challenges profession would offer to them. Even when harder they tried, there was always paucity of time and sense losing out in the competitive environment just because they could not acquire the needed Certificate, an essential evidence so much needed for the career progression.

To help and support the working security professionals, ICISSM has started two online certification programs to ‘professionalize the professionals.’

  • Certified Security Professional (CSP).
  • Certified Security Manager (CSM).


Industry Accreditation

These courses are based on national occupational standards and in conformity to the industry standards and benchmarks. All the security professionals with these certificates have progressed well and they are doing very well so far as their career progression is concerned.

In India there are no on-line or off-line certification programs for security supervisors or security managers. Only the basic syllabus for the 12 hours’ training program is prescribed for security guards under the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act.

For our ‘On-line Certifications Courses’ for CSP & CSM, the ICISSM has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Security Sector Skill Development Council (SSSDC). This was closely followed by signing another MoU with Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) on 15 November 2018 during its Annual Summit very aptly focussing on Security Skills & Leadership. The MoU was signed by Kunwar Vikram Singh, Chairman, CAPSI and Col DR Semwal, President of ICISSM. The MoU is aimed to encourage working security professionals from the member PSAs of CAPSI for up-skilling and upgrading their professional qualifications for assured career progression and instant recognition to their peers, superiors and recruiters regarding their professional acumen and expertise.

Benefits of Certifications

The certification training imparted will have following discernible benefits:

  1. Provides in-depth subject knowledge.
  2. Allows the learnings and ‘take homes’ to be incorporated in day-to-day professional work and discharge of duties with conviction and confidence.
  3. Case studies encourage the application of new leanings to be applied on ground with modifications to specific needs.
  4. Certification allows instant recognition in fraternity and by the peers.
  5. The enrolled personnel for above trainings are made members of ICISSM for the one calendar year and are sent our monthly newsletters and inducted as members to our LinkedIn and Google Groups also for one year.
  6. The successful certified professionals in recognition to their distinguished achievement will enjoy these privileges for their entire professional lives.
  7. The certificate holders are also inducted as members in our WhatsApp group – an exclusive group of select professionals.
  8. We regularly send information to our members on forthcoming conferences and seminars to encourage their participation for continual upgradation of their knowledge and skills.

Certificate CSM


  1. Certified Security Professional (CSP): For those having minimum five years’ professional experience in any position and possessing minimum educational qualification of graduation.
  2. Certified Security Manager (CSM): For those having minimum five years’ professional experience and working in managerial position with minimum educational qualification of graduation.

How to Enrol

Following are the modalities:

  1. The Certified Security Professional (CSP): This course contains twenty (20) sessions as per details given in Appendix A. Upon receiving the fees along with the filled form and supporting documents, the reading material will be provided by ICISSM by e-mail.
  2. Certified Security Manager (CSM): This course contains forty (40) sessions as per details given in Appendix B. Upon receiving the fees along with the filled form and supporting documents, the reading material will be provided by ICISSM by e-mail.

The interested professionals need to send their queries if any while browsing the web-site and visiting last page. They need to fill-up and send by e-mail or post, the form given in Appendix C along with proof of having acquired educational qualification of graduation or above. They also need to provide copy of their employer identity card or certificate clearly indicating their designation.


The certification fee for Certified Security Professional (CSP) is Rs.10000.00 (Ten Thousand) and for Certified Security Manager (CSM) it is Rs.20000.00 (Twenty Thousand) only. The GST at 18% is to be paid extra.

Despatch of Reading Material

Upon receiving the payment and enrolment papers and finding them in order, the reading material in the batch of ten elements will be sent by mail. The CSP Module has total twenty (20) and CSM has total forty (40) elements. There is no time limit for study of the sent material; however, when the registered candidate is ready to appear in the examination, a mail needs to be sent to ICISSM which will send the link/ question paper containing multiple choice questions.

The examination will be in the batch of ten elements of the modules and therefore for CSP there will be two and for CSM there will be four exams. However any candidate wishing to attempt all the elements and examination thereof in one go can make specific request.

Examination Process

  1. Since these are online courses, there is no pre-set dates. One can start on-line registration and begin the course and appear for the exam at own convenience. However, the time limit set to complete the certification process must be kept in mind.
  2. On candidate’s intimation about readiness for the exam, a link will be sent which will contain examination papers of multiple choice questions which need to be submitted within a day (24 hours).
  3. The link/ question paper will have to be responded with in 24 hours. There will be date and time stamping for this purpose. Once the candidates’ examination process has been completed, the ICISSM will send the answer sheets to facilitate them for self-evaluation and as a matter of transparency in evaluation process.
  4. The candidate needs to secure minimum 60% marks in Module One then only next module’s link for reading material and thereafter question paper will be sent. Similarly minimum 60% marks need to be secured in each modules for successful completion of certification process.
  5. The candidate will need to secure minimum 60% marks to progress to next module, failing which he will be given opportunity to reappear in examination for which 20% of applicable registration fees and 18% GST will be charged.
  6. The entire certification period needs to be completed within stipulated period of 6 months for CSP and one year for CSM reckoned from the date of registration. If a candidate fails to complete the certification process within the prescribed time limit, the candidate needs to do re-registration for which 20% of applicable registration fees and 18% GST will be charged.
  7. For CSM certification, the candidates will be required to submit their entries in respect to elements numbers 27, 37, 38, 39 and 40.
  8. On successful completion, certification will be awarded and digital copy will be sent by e-mail and printed certificate will be despatched by post to the successful certificate holder. The list of certified professionals will also be maintained at our website with picture and bio-profile.

Appendix A

On Line Certificate Course for
Certified Security Professional (CSP)


Appendix B

On Line Certificate Course for Certified Security Manager (CSM)
Module One/ Week 1


Appendix C

Module Two/ Week 2

Module Two/ Week 2

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